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Thread: "Social Equality" -- A Communist Tool

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    Post "Social Equality" -- A Communist Tool

    "Social Equality" -- A Communist Tool

    At the Eighth Congress of the Communist International held in Moscow in
    1928, methods to be used to destroy true representative government by free
    people were fully discussed. It has been revealed over and over again(33)
    that advocacy of "social equality" among diverse races was there agreed upon
    as the surest method for the destruction of free governments in America and
    elsewhere. Since class hatred is the sure-fire Communist weapon to bring
    about internal strife and finally revolution, Moscow adopted the slogan,
    "all men are equal" for the contest that has already done more harm to
    America than can ever be repaired.

    The sheer weight and effectiveness of the Communist propaganda is appalling.
    It is in full swing in Africa. The January, 1960, issue of the South African
    Observer, published in Cape Town, S. A., has an editorial entitled "The
    Heresy of Human Equality." The first paragraph tells a story that is old in
    America: The most mischievous falsehood in Communist propaganda released in
    Africa is that all men are born equal.

    It is equality of freedom and independence that gives unto man his
    opportunity to be rich or poor or to be good or bad. Equality of men leaves
    no choice, because if all men are equal by nature or inherently there can be
    no differences and no distinctions. All have an equal right to stand at the
    judgment bars of God and man--but all are not entitled to the same judgment.
    Virtue and depravity are not entitled to the same rewards on earth or in

    It is inequality that gives enlargement to religion, to intellect, to
    energy, to virtue, to love and to wealth. Equality of intellect stabilizes
    mediocrity. Equality of wealth makes all men poor. Equality of religion
    destroys all creeds. Equality of energy renders all men sluggards. Equality
    of virtue suspends all men without the gates of Heaven. Equality of love
    stultifies every manly passion, destroys every family altar and mongrelizes
    the races of men. Equality homogenizes so that cream does not rise to the
    top. It puts the eagle in the hen house so that he may no longer soar. It
    subverts civilization by encouraging the Hottentot to claim equal footing
    with the cultured and intellectual in any scheme of social administration.

    Equality of freedom cannot exist without inequality in the rewards and
    earned fruits of that freedom. There can be no equality of freedom, without
    leaving to all men a free and lawful choice of the "means of acquiring and
    possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness" as Mason had it
    when Jefferson, like the gypsy, first defaced and then claimed as his own.

    It is inequality that makes "the pursuit of happiness" something more than a
    dry run or a futile chase. It is inequality that makes the race. It is the
    father of every joy and the giver of every good gift. More than 2000 years
    ago Aristotle said: "Equality may exist only among slaves." Slavery is the
    end result of levelling. In the fruitless effort to achieve equality short
    of slavery the peaks must be bulldozed into the valleys to make a level
    plain. Such may be done only through the process now called "social
    engineering" which holds that the end justifies the means. Those means must
    ever be force, restriction, terror and a complete loss of liberty.

    Equality may be imposed only in a despotism. Equality beyond the range of
    legal rights is despotic restraint. It is nowhere sought to be imposed
    except in the communistic sewers of slavic slavery. As Francis Lieber
    pointed out in his great work on Civil Liberty (page 334) 100 years ago:
    "Equality absolutely carried out leads to communism."

    The prophecy is now being realized in America. It is not the "American
    creed." It is the creed of Marxism and the come-on of Communism.
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    Post Re: "Social Equality" -- A Communist Tool

    Yes - it is only the superior man who suffers when Equality is made into a political dogma.

    The inferior are sure to flourish under the reign of Equality.

    Therefore, 'equality' in this context must mean "inferiorarchy" - rule by the inferior.

    This is certainly a complete reversal of the Aryan Order of Rank.

    To that end we must also oppose "one man one vote" - by this the inferior dominate.


    Because the inferior are always and at all times IN THE MAJORITY!

    This is a Law of Nature that may give us regret - it should also spur us on to reject all egalitarian, liberal, democratic forms of politics!

    Hail the Elites!

    Hail the Leadership Principle!

    Hail the Order of Castes!

    Hail the Superhuman!

    Why are there beings at all, & why not rather nothing?

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