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Thread: Anglo-Centric Germanic Colonialism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef S View Post
    I think cooperation to a certain degree is a better idea than "uniting". Creating a sort of one-voice movement which is including all germanic branches and offsprings and maybe even non-germanic europids really does serve to weaken the ethnic cultures.

    To other people, like the japanese, this rule about colonial multicultures is written in stone. White americans are in a way vulgarizing their own heritage the same way african-americans did with their african heritage, Shaka Zulu and whatever. Imagine a black person on Jerry Springer going on about "african values" and Shaka Zulu, it has an obvious comical aspect to it, and to be honest it's not that much different from the "white nationalism" of the US when they mention Hitler.
    People lack roots today. They are looking for anything to identify with and anything to hold onto. I think folkism starts with the family, the local community, the local tribe and so on. But most people don't have that so they attach to nationalism and pan-Aryanism and all that.
    “success and survival are above all the rule of life. As such it is the highest command of moral law” –Lord Livwell (me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef S View Post
    I do believe that America, american whites and their nationalism included, had a negative impact on Sweden and swedish nationalism.
    Such an attitude would be akin to us Americans blaming Swedes for the sinister legacy of Gunnar Myrdal on our society. If Swedish nationalists can't make any progress because they try to emulate American white nationalism, then really, whose fault is that?

    The only nation in Europe that can legitimately complain about "Americanism" being forced upon them is Germany. The rest of Europe very much welcomed their "liberation."

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimner View Post
    Because South Africa was founded in colonial times which resulted in the development of the Afrikaner I believe this could be used as an example of an exception to the rule. Afrikaner folks nationalism had its roots in our Germanic values passed down from our predominant Dutch and German origens. Our nationalism developed independently from other Germanic peoples nationalism, and had blood and soil at its hart.
    I've never been to South Africa, but I had an aunt and uncle who lived in South Africa, my parents have visited it several times, I've known a several people who have gone there to do consulting work, and I once had a teacher who was an Afrikaner immigrant.

    From all accounts I've gathered, I believe that the Afrikaner/Boer people are the most Germanic people left on the planet in terms character and spirit. Maybe now things are changing, and they're becoming soft and "kinder and gentler" like the rest of the Germanic world, but whatever the case, I've always seen them the last bastion of traditional German hardness and fortitude.

    The rest of the Germanic world has truly disgraced itself in its betrayal of the Afrikaner people.

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