John Styles | January 19 2010

He wasn’t exactly mugged. But yesterday Herald Sun photographer Craig Borrow was “slapped” by the reality of multicultural Melbourne.

“Racist goons doing Nazi salutes brought shame on Melbourne on the first day of the Australian Open [tennis tournament],” the Herald Sun lamented this morning.

“A mob of young men of Croatian background intimidated other fans, let off flares and spat on, then slapped, a Herald Sun photographer,” reporters Kelly Ryan and Aaron Langmaid wrote.

“The disgraceful display made a mockery of so-called multicultural Melbourne.”

“So-called” multicultural Melbourne? Come on, the ethnophiles of the city continually boast about Melbourne being the multicultural capital of the nation. Spare us the “so-called”, please.

The Herald Sun photographer Craig Borrow wrote that the demonstrators spat at him and then slapped him on the back of the head.

The newspaper reported that 11 “goons” were ejected from the stadium half an hour into the match between Croatian Ivo Karlovic and Czech Radek Stepanek.

The Left’s idealised portrayal of multiculturalism has always been at odds with the reality. Perpetuating historical ethnic enmities is a characteristic of the system.

Ethnic violence is becoming routine for the Melbourne tournament.

Last year the wonderful “salad bowl”ť of cultures promised by the engineers of multiculturalism erupted into a cauldron of ethnic rivalry when Bosnian and Serbian elements of the crowd turned on each other.

In 2008, Greek nationalists at the tournament were sprayed with capsicum and in 2007 Serbian and Croatian ethnic violence marred the event.

Yet when incidents like those at Rod Laver Arena yesterday occur, the Left expresses frustration and confusion and tries to find scapegoats.

“What families have produced these boys?” asked ABC Melbourne’s multiculturalist-in-chief Jon Faine this morning.

The answer is: families who, having migrated to this country, have been actively encouraged by the social engineers to treat their new land like it was nothing more than a colony of their own.