While the origin of this unofficial report is British bureaucrats, it doesn't take much effort to comprehend how these methods have been used in Great Britain and stateside. At any rate, now we know. -- Ed.

"Reporting Diversity: How Journalists can contribute to community cohesion"


"What is Community Cohesion?
A cohesive community is one in which:
• there is a common vision and a sense of belonging for all communities;
• the diversity of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated
and positively valued;
• those from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities;
• strong and positive relationships exist between people from different
backgrounds in the workplace, in schools and within neighbourhoods. "

"The media has a vital role to play in driving forward the process of making
our communities exactly that – communities that are inclusive, successful
and tolerant.

"It will help journalists avoid falling into traps of language, emphasis and ignorance as they report the integration of new people, new ideas, new cultures and new faiths into cohesive communities, accepting that inaccuracy or insensitivity may damage progress being made in representing communities fairly and faithfully."

"Creating one community for all

What is good for is also good for business.

"Mistakes can mislead public opinion and stir up social unrest. So, being accurate is not just a matter of being politically correct."


"Non-white. Except in a statistical context, this is a term best avoided since it somewhat discourteously describes people of black and Asian backgrounds as what they are not, rather than what they are. Similarly, the term ‘non-Christian’ is to be avoided."

"Mixed race. This adjective is generally used to describe people with parentage of more than one ethnic background. ‘Half-caste’ and mulatto’ are old terms which are unacceptable and offensive. "

"Immigrant. A person who has come to the UK by choice, perhaps to work
or study or to join his or her family. Most immigrants in the UK are white; all children of immigrants born in the UK are British, not immigrants; and most members of ethnic minorities living in the UK were born in Britain and are therefore British."

"Is there any such person as an illegal asylum seeker?
No. Under the 1951 Convention anyone has the right to seek asylum in the UK and to remain here while his application is being considered.

What about a bogus asylum seeker?

Wrong again. It suggests he or she hasn’t a case even before the authorities have decided on it. Using the description is like declaring someone guilty before the jury has
reached a verdict."

"Never identify by faith or minority
Refer to a person’s religion or ethnic background only when it is directly relevant to the story and then in context."

"Expose and counter racist propaganda
Bigots who hide behind a cloak of respectability can be the most damaging. Make sure they are always drawn into the open and their words never go unchallenged."

"Avoid ‘us and them’ imagery
This is an integrated society in which being British gives everyone the same rights and responsibilities. Remember that most people who belong to minorities are British. Celebrate our diversity but also what we have in common, such as shared moral values among people of different faiths like hospitality, love of family and concern for the poor."

"Source members of minorities for other topics
Minorities live in the same society and share many of the same concerns. Air their views on subjects beyond their faiths and racial backgrounds. Make them ordinary."

"Tweaking content
One editor writes to people whose letters have appeared above Asian names to thank them and to encourage them to express their opinions again. He also writes to minority community leaders urging them to use the paper as their platform for public debate."

‘Significant numbers of our ,shall we say, traditional readers have reacted badly to an increase in pictures and stories from the minority ethnic communities, so inclusiveness is not without its problems’ –

Jim Williams, editor , Oldham Evening Chronicle