The invaders did not slip under the radar, they did not drop like German paratroopers from the skies, we did not have to remove signpost from our roads, villages and towns, the sirens never sounded, the pilots were never scrambled but we are being conquered by stealth as surely as the day England lost its identity as an island nation when the channel tunnel firmly affixed us like an umbilical cord to the land mass of Europe.

Britain stood alone. It is 1940 France had already surrendered and the rest of Europe had been conquered. The German Dorniers and Junkers Ju88’s flew low over the French coast before climbing to a safe altitude over the channel to avoid the searchlights and the flak from the Ack Ack guns defending the Kent coast unaware that Chain Home radar had already picked them up on their oscilloscopes. Meanwhile it was the highly qualified WAAF Filter Plotters who were responsible for displaying the information of the enemy aircraft on the gridded map table guided by information from ground observers and the Chain Home radar stations to chart their position and course.

The young pilots stationed at West Malling and Tangmere raced for their spitfires to intercept the invaders. The Battle of Britain had started. The result of their bravery and skill would determine the fate of a terrifyingly vulnerable island nation. The searchlights probed the night sky as the noise of the engines of enemy aircraft droned in and out of synchronization. The ground artillery opened as the enemy bombers headed for London and beyond. As a child at boarding school in Hertfordshire we raced for the air raid shelters, and as they say the rest is history.

Like a brave, bloodied and bruised gladiator Great Britain survived those terrible years and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes hoping to start a new era for its people with its new found security, peace and hope for a bright future for the brave people of this island nation, eternally indebted to those defenders who sacrificed their young lives. We were determined to rebuild this country to show their lives had not been lost in vain.

We leap-frog history almost 70 years and in the first decade of the twenty first century like a Time Traveller, we find ourselves in a strange, violent place we barely recognize. Many of our towns and cities have totally lost their unique English character, there are Mosques and Minarets and strangely dressed people wearing black Bukhas and males wearing what appears to be flowing nightshirts speaking a multitude of foreign languages, shop fronts displaying Arabic and Islamic characters selling eastern Halal prepared food.

It is obvious we are fast becoming a minority in many of our towns and cities. In our violent society we are concerned for the safety of our young daughters and at the same time wonder if our sons whilst attending school will escape the violence by packs of young eastern invaders, these are the same strangers that are offended by our flag, our customs, our traditions and our Christian celebrations.