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Thread: Smalltown America's Growing Voice of Rage

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    Smalltown America's Growing Voice of Rage

    What is clear is that they are a force to be reckoned with. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that if the Tea party were an actual party it would eclipse the Republicans.

    One of the paradoxes of being a foreign reporter in smalltown America is that within any one day, you will hear people insist that they stand at the centre of global affairs and simultaneously act as though they reside at the very fringes of international interest.

    As Americans, they feel their country stands as a beacon to the outside world – a showcase for freedom, liberty, democracy and material comfort.

    As inhabitants of smalltown America, they feel marginalised from the national narrative and isolated from the rest of the world. Within the span of a single conversation you will be told that America is the best country on earth and be asked why you – or indeed anyone – would come to their particular town.

    So it was last week in Leitchfield, a small town in central Kentucky. South-east of Louisville and south-west of Lexington, its 6,000 residents live between Nolin and Rough River lakes on the way to nowhere in particular

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    Thank you Todesengel for a great article that highlights the misery of
    Small Town America.
    I'm from a small town and just about every morning I am greeted by the same faces at the local "In n Out".An "In n Out" is a small store a person stops at on his/her way to work to get gas,coffee,newspapers,doughnuts etc.You can also catch up on the local gossip if you are a recognizable face.The area I live in recently lost one of the only real good sources of income a young man with no college education can expect to get once he graduates from High School.This place was/is called Sheffield Steel.It truly was a great place to work.In no time at all a young man could earn $24.00 dollars an hour,have the best insurance for his family,excellent retirement/401k plan,plenty of paid time off to be with the family and all the other benefits that come with a unionized job.
    Now the loss of this company has started to have a trickle down effect that is now being felt in several other communities.A local Trucking company has shut its doors.Sales tax has fallen to such low levels that the city of Tulsa is now laying off Police and Firemen.Families are being torn apart due to the fact that some people cant adjust to the changes in their Bank accounts.
    All of this negativity has made the gossip that much better.Oklahoma is a Red State.A Red State means the majority of folks are Republicans.People are now starting to realize that Republicans do not stand for the working man.
    Republicans stand for "Big Business" and "Big Business" is not a popular subject anymore.The majority of folks I talk to are ready for armed revolt and possibly seceding from the Union.
    What journalists fail to realize when they write articles about"Small Town America" is just how many of us truly hate our Government.Most of us own enough weapons and ammunition that we could easily create our own militia and it would dwarf most countries own Military.The majority of us Small Town Folk are Constitutionalists and we do one thing that make both Republicans and Democrats in this "Country" envious,we agree.
    We all agree that if a bunch of stuff does not change for the better in this country the coming revolution will make 1776 look like the Fourth of July.
    The key to 1984 is 1776.We are fixing to turn that key.

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