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Thread: Positive Signs from Peoria: White Middle America in Revolt

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    Positive Signs from Peoria: White Middle America in Revolt

    The spirit of our People is not broken. Multiculturalism and “civil rights” is nothing but a new Berlin Wall that millions of Whites can’t wait to attack with sledgehammers.

    by Rob Freeman

    I’m not one of those people who worries about the day when Whites are a mere 49.9% of the population. Nor does it especially bother me that those who hate us have seized the cushy positions in academia and government. In the case of the latter, think about the fact that they have put their faces in charge right when America is on the sharp decline. Moreover, I want Whites to become feral economic survivors, masters of the underground economy, and tribally networked. Your contact list of friends, whether in a Rolodex, a cell phone contacts list, or an e-mail list, is your second greatest weapon next to your brain.

    Optimism and cheerfulness is also important — Strength through Joy, even as economic conditions worsen and America becomes Third-worldized. Why optimism and cheerfulness? Robert Taber’s “War of the Flea” provides the ingredients of the witches brew we seek to concoct — the Will to Revolt in our People. From the first chapter of War of the Flea:

    It is a revolutionary impulse, an upsurge of popular will, that really has little to do with questions of national or ethnic identity, or self-determination, or forms of government, or social justice, the familiar shibboleths of political insurgency . . .

    The will to revolt . . . is a newly awakened consciousness, not of “causes,” but of potentiality. It is a spreading awareness of the possibilities of human existence, coupled with a growing sense of the causal nature of the universe, that together inspire, first in individuals, then in communities and entires nations, an entirely new attitude toward life.

    Limitations that were formerly accepted all at once become intolerable. The hint of imminent change suggests opportunities that had not been glimpsed until now. The will to act is born. It is as though people everywhere were saying: Look, here is something we can do, or have, or be, simply by acting. Then what have we been waiting for? Let us act!

    This . . . describes the state of mind of the modern insurgent, the guerilla fighter . . . his secret weapon, above and beyond any question of strategy or tactics or techniques of guerilla warfare, is nothing more than the ability to inspire this state of mind in others. The defeat of the military enemy, the overthrow of the government, are secondary tasks, in the sense that they come later. The primary effort of the guerilla is to militate the population, without whose consent no government can stand for a day.

    Something better is possible. A world where white teenaged girls ARE NOT shacking up with blacks. Where we are not ruled by our affirmative action inferiors. Where we are not taxed to pauperism, to pay for the pet voters of our enemies. We can have White schools with high standards, and White culture without mandatory diversity. We need only act.

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    As the negro ones that: I have a dream......

    We as white people should also have a dream (not identical with wishful thinking). A dream of purity and cultural advancement, economic prowess and at the same time stewardship of nature.

    People are waking up to the nightmare the jews created for us.

    Instead of feeling victims we can start our own way of live and become the heroes our ancestors tell us to be.

    As always before something new can happen, the old has to go and be destroyed.

    Times are getting exhilirating. I enjoy it.

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