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Thread: What Sub-Race Are These People?

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    What Sub-Race Are These People?

    My guess are they are eastern Europeans, but what sub-race are they?

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    The first word above the two series of pictures says something like "Ukrainian". So these men are Ukrainian by ethnicity I guess. However, my ability to read cyrillic is limited, and I do not understand Russian or Ukrainian, so they could be from somewhere else. However, the second group of three could be Ukrainian policemen (or criminals?). They all look quite disharmonic to me, the second man in the second group representing almost a Lombroso type. Maybe someone who understands Russian can advise here.

    The first group of three shows Dinarid and Mediterranid features: The facial features of the first man, who looks very Albanian to me, are (seen from a frontal view) Dinaric, but not his occiput, whereas with the second one, the opposite is true, his occiput being more flattened and his facial traits tending more towards Armenid and Atlantomediterranid in my opinion. However, his facial features could also be Dinarid. Regarding the third man of the third group, he represents the most complex mixture of all the three in my opinion. He looks Armenid/Dinarid/Eastmediterranid(Pontid) to me. No 2 and No 3 are high headed (No 2 also short headed), No 1 is not, but No 1's face looks more Dinarid than the faces of No 2 and No 3.

    In the second group of three, there clearly is Osteuropid (Baltid) influence visible, especially in the first one who is predominantly Baltid with maybe some Dinaroid facial traits (but no important Dinarid admixture visible in his skull structure), to a lesser degree also in the second one, on his part also influenced by Dinarid, and least in the last one, who looks rather Mediterranid (Pontid?).

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