Henri Le Riche
South Africa

Re. “Does God really takes sides?” by Rich Mayfield, Dec. 12
Dear Mr. Mayfield: Who knows if God take sides? By the look of things nowadays god is more concerned about being on the side of the political correct, than truth.

I will not mince words and please take what I say as what it's intended. I read your article about the “day of the vow” and can only say I am very disappointed that there are still people making assumptions and have opinions from articles they read. I am in e-mail contact with the writer of the article you wrote, Barry, and I warned him specifically about his bad choice of words. It sketched a very distorted view of the Afrikaner, and what the “day of the vow” stood for, and that someone will read it a such. My words “was about to turn cold” when I read you article, and it was clear what you thought: All Afrikaners are racist.

It is only racist Afrikaners that commemorate the “day of the vow.”

It was a “slaughter” and not warriors attacking a group of people defending themselves. The vow is not “celebrating killing people” but thanking God for protecting them at incredible odds.

The curator at the Vootrekker monument is going out of his way to bring Afrikaner culture closer to other cultures and visa versa but because of ignorance, assumptions and being uninformed makes it so much harder. I have CC'd Mr. Opperman in should you wish to correspond with a “real” Afrikaner directly and as they say get it from the proverbial horses mouth.

You are probably not aware that many black people visit this site and that it is used to reconcile and understand each other? Many Christian Afrikaners are being slaughtered but due to politically correctness at the expense of truth many spineless so-called “Christians” look the other way.

Please if you want to have an opinion, please do research and talk to Afrikaners first hand before making uninformed assumptions from third party sources as it does more harm than you can ever imagine.