The money line: “Are you going to keep building your party with Dixiecrats, ex-Democrats, who think the Democratic party is too mainstream?” Savor that last word, as it suggests that a party pushing a signature bill that’s now -20 in net approval in some polls is the one that speaks for the great “mainstream.” The idea of a liberal silent majority goes hand in hand with the idea of the GOP as a radical collective, which is where the confederacy meme comes in here. Nothing new for “Hardball”: Kathleen Parker pushed that smear herself back in August during an especially insulting segment on why Palin fares well in the south while Obama doesn’t, but it’s a treat to see it paired this time with a blind assertion that the disintegrating Democrats are the true party o’ the people
One of the several comments on that site:
I had many ancestors who fought with the Confederacy to defend states' rights. They were right then. Look at how the imperial federal government has gobbled up rights previously given to the states.I'd rather be a Confederate than a Communist any day. Chris Matthews' wouldn't fight for anything if asked to. When the Chinese take over our country, he'll be among the first to cut and run. More likely, they'll do away with him when they see just how useless he is