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Thread: Germany's Brutal Occupation of France

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    Exclamation Germany's Brutal Occupation of France

    French fury at Nazi pictures of Paris under occupation

    An exhibition featuring photographs of Paris taken during the Nazi occupation has provoked so much public indignation that the Paris city council has ordered posters advertising the show to be taken down and has even called for the exhibition to be closed altogether.

    Entitled Paris Sous l'Occupation (Paris Under the Occupation), the exhibition at the Paris History Library shows 270 colour photographs – part of the only collection of colour images of their kind – taken between 1941 and 1944 by a collaborator, André Zucca, who worked for the Nazi propaganda magazine Signal. Young women sporting sunglasses smile coquettishly for the camera in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Parisians chat on crowded café terraces and stroll nonchalantly through the streets of the capital as they enjoy the sunshine, while children watch puppet shows and lovers embrace by the Seine.

    Critics of the exhibition protest that it portrays a totally unrealistic portrait of Paris under the Nazis, ignoring the reality in which thousands of Jews were rounded up and deported to concentration camps, many ordinary people went hungry, forced to queue for hours to obtain what little food was available, and Resistance members risked their lives and those of their families to sabotage the Nazi occupiers.

    The only indications that all is not as it should be are the strangely empty streets, the German road signs and the presence of German troops and officers mingling with civilians. The yellow stars that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis are visible in only two of Zucca's photographs in the exhibition. The exhibition has provoked anger and shock among protesters, who say it portrays a historical whitewash and that the library has failed to put the photographs into a historical context.

    Christophe Girard, the head of culture at the socialist-run city council, is so unhappy with the show, which he described as "embarrassing, ambiguous … and badly explained" that he has called for it to close earlier than the due date of 1 July. "I am in favour of it being stopped, or at least that it be closed down sooner than scheduled," he said.
    In France, it remains extremely difficult to estimate with certainty the losses of the French Jewish community (Jews of French nationality) and of the Jewish community of France (all the Jews on French ground) for the reason that the Committee of the History of the Second World War, which carried out its investigation during twenty years, reveals its results only in bits and because the figures revealed are much lower than and in contradiction with the figures of the Serge Klarsfeld’s Memorial, which seemed a fairly reliable source with regard to the number of the deportees, although it is completely unusable with regard to the numbers of the dead and of the survivors, since it holds for dead and even for “gassed” the deportees who did not come spontaneously to register themselves as survivors.

    In any event, it is possible, according to the available figures, to affirm with absolute certainty that the demographic losses of the French Jewish community are clearly lower than 10%, which goes against the generally accepted idea that the survivors are the exception, which would confirm the extermination of the majority. It was thus not necessary to forge a new word: genocide, to describe a tragic reality perfectly denoted by the French word: decimation. One will be astonished besides that an allegedly well-known reality is successively designated by words of strong ideological content but of doubtful semantics, like genocide, which became prevalent in the media in the sixties, then Holocaust™, a product of the seventies, and finally Shoah™. pp. 17-18.

    "In France, at least, the German occupation was not particularly inhumane, although there were some blunders, inevitable in a country of 550,000 sq km."
    - Jean-Marie Le Pen (sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence and 10,000 euros fine for this statement)

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    It just goes to show that the usurpers of history (ie. the Zionist-controlled puppet governments of today) will go to any lengths not only to distort the past but to suppress any dissenting views in the present! Banning an exhibition here, fining a politician there ... maybe the “fascists” DID win the war after all

    The first thing that strikes me on these photos, however, is that the streets of (wartime?) Paris look a lot safer than some of the ones I could show you today - especially in Paris!!!!

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