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Thread: The Swastika Among the Coconuts: Nazism in New Guinea

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    The Swastika Among the Coconuts: Nazism in New Guinea

    Fascism Outside Europe: The European Impulse against Domestic Conditions in the Diffusion of Global Fascism by Stein Ugelvik Larsen

    Ch. 10: The Swastika among the Coconuts: Nazism in New Guinea in the 1930's, John Perkins:

    p. 298: New Guinea and the Volk mission
    As the nadir of the Great Depressions approached, in 1931-32, attacks by Völkisch groups upon the missions became particularly vehement, on account of the latter’s perceived attitude being akin to that of Mrs. Jellyby in Dickens' Bleak House, with her devotion to 'educating the natives of Borriboola-Gha, on the left bank of the Niger', while her own household was entirely neglected. Christian Keysser of Neuendettelsau responded with an essay in which he attempted to integrate missionary with völkisch objectives. Volkstum was, he argued, 'something created and therefore God given', that stemmed from a 'volk soul' awakened in many peoples by missions. Therefore missionaries treasured Volkstum, especially their own. In particular, the experience gained by Neuendettelsau in the conversion of entire tribes in New Guinea provided a model for a Volk mission to the German people that had basically lost its Christian beliefs.
    pp. 303-304: Heil Hitler, wrote the half-caste
    The influence of Nazis on the part-German population of New [Guinea] is clearly indicated by the following letter sent to Consul Hellenthal, of the German Consulate-General in Sydney, after his visit to Vunavulung plantation in August 1936:

    Dear Sir,
    Please receive our heartiest farewell greetings and best wishes, which I send to you in the name of my colleagues and half-caste Germans. It has been a great pleasure to have seen and met you in person. Many thanks for your evening reception, which some had the pleasure and the honour to attend yesterday. Even if we half-caste Germans have not been granted much in life, one treasure remains for us, a 'German thinking' and a 'German feeling' heart, which we shall maintain to the end. God grant that this colony may once again become German[.] Herewith once more our best wishes for a good trip, a cheer for the fatherland and hail to the leader, Adolf Hitler.
    Yours faithfully,
    Your devoted half-caste Germans
    per Carl Schneider.
    p. 304: Nazis? 'Nearly all of us are.'
    Another piece of evidence of the propagation of Nazism among the part-German population of the Mandate is worthy of mention. In March 1939 the Inspector of Police at Rabaul had occasion to call at the home of Otto Wolff, whose father had been a German. As he later reported to his superior:

    ... I spoke to Mrs. Wolff (a half caste) in the presence of her baby daughter, Marie and Tina Reinhardt (a half caste) who resides at Mrs. Wolff's house. I said to Mrs. Wolff, 'Does your daughter speak English?' She replied, 'She understands it all right but does not speak it too well.' I said 'She is speaking German now,' and laughingly added, 'All you people (i.e. half castes of German extraction) learn German first.' She said, 'Yes. I am a Nazi. Nearly all of us are. I have a Nazi flag'. I said 'Where?' She replied, 'In here.' She went inside a room and came out with a Nazi flag. It was made of bunting and was about 6' x 3'6". The flag was supplied by a local German.

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