Today I have a highly importantly educational and informative role to play," he says. "It's important for me that Austrians youths realize, despite the denials, that Austria joined forces with the Nazi regime."

"I travel with this movie worldwide, but my return to Mauthausen is an immense achievement," he says. "This camp was the head of the snake, it was among the most terrible camps. The living conditions there were extremely difficult and the Germans used to prepare soups cooked with human flesh for the prisoners. I was only a kid, but this is a sight I will never forget. What's a greater victory than to return to a place where human rights were deprived with a movie whose essence is human rights?"
Surely this is racist/defamation? Where's this snivelling crooks proof?

If nobody complains they will continue. Can somebody post up a German link here to the relevant agency so we can send short complaints about this outrageous slander?