"One's surroundings are a central part of personal life, the things we ourselves make and form: our family, our home, our festivals. The strength we draw from them enables us to do many other things with greater joy, energy, and conviction. We spread our faith best when we set an example ourselves rather than just telling others what to do. It is not surprising that the home is often so uneven and inadequate, since the examples of the last decades were poor, and not everyone can himself make his own furniture, pictures, and other items — and in an exemplary manner."

This was taken from Wolfgang Schultz: Auch an seinem Heim erkennt man den Nationalsozialisten! Die Hoheitsträger, n. 3, August 1939, pp. 16-18.

While looking for a new home, I was struck by Von Thronstahl's Return your revolt into style idea... The problem is: how to transform a tiny apartment in a third world city into a mirror of a lost and undefinable Urheimat? Is there such a thing as an occidental/aryan/traditionalist/fascist/national socialist interior design?

P.S. Sorry for the semantic confusion, but I've drink a lot of beers and can't think straight right now...