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Thread: Nearly One-Sixth of All American Workers Are Foreign-Born

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    Nearly One-Sixth of All American Workers Are Foreign-Born

    Sam Roberts, New York Times, December 8, 2009


    Because of government barriers to immigration, the share of foreign-born workers dipped from a 20th-century high of 21 percent in 1910 to barely 5 percent in 1970, but has been rising since then, to the current 16 percent.

    In 2007, immigrants accounted for more than one in four workers in California (35 percent), New York (27 percent), New Jersey (26 percent) and Nevada (25 percent).

    For the first time, the Census Bureau also compared immigrants by generation. Generally, income and other measures of achievement rose from one generation to the next, although educational attainment peaked with the second generation.


    Similarly, the overall proportion of immigrant families living below the government’s official poverty level declined, from 16.5 percent to 14.5 to 11.5 among three generations. But among adult immigrants, the proportion who are poor grew again between the second and third generations.

    While the proportion of high school graduates increased from one generation to the next, the share who had bachelor’s degrees or more higher education declined from the second to the third generations. The proportion with doctorates peaked with the first generation.


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    They are starting to run commercials in spanish and several TV stations are in the spanish language. I feel like a foreigner in my own country. And people even ask me a lot of times "where are you from" or they think I'm some exotic ethnicity when most of my ancestry goes back to colonial days is British/German/Dutch/French. When English people look like foreigners in America something seems wrong.

    Texas and California possibly a few other states whites are literally a minority. In most cities whites are minority. And of the whites that are here most of them aren't really white. They are like part Italian, Jew, Native American, Spanish etc. and on top of it even the ones that do have English, Irish, German ancestry it mostly consiststs of criminals and the bottom of society that were sent over here. So even they have a bit different look and character. Literally a northern European looks foreign in this country other than a few rural regions. Basically we are turning into Brazil.

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