I am proposing that Sunday, December 13th 2009 become a spontaneous and impromptu Germanic Cultural Celebration Day....for no other reason than to just celebrate any, and all things Germanic in your area of the country or world! Leave your house that day with the intention of supporting a Germanic business in your area (restaurant, bakery, gift shop, etc)......invite your friends and neighbors over for a traditional Germanic feast, and explain the traditional and cultural significance behind such a meal..... visit a local Germanic cultural center and volunteer your time, or organize a cultural day in the near future.....wear an item of clothing that signifies your Germanic heritage......take your friends or family on a hike through a forest and explain the deep Germanic connection to nature....spend the day plowing through the verses of Goethe, instead of watching TV......or at least take some time out of your day to remember your ancestors who through good and bad times always remained proud Germanics, and who always strived to make a better world for us!

If you do decided to participate.....please share what you did to celebrate with the rest of the forum, and hopefully others will find inspiration and pride in your words and actions!