Folk from all Western nations are unfortunately all too familiar with the disease popularly called "political correctness", but many aren't familiar with the ideology's Marxist-Jewish origins in the "Frankfurt School" and those Jews' sinister and deliberate intent to destroy the European/Western nations' races, cultures, and civilizations.
The ideology of cultural Marxism originated with a group of Jewish "intellectuals" at the University of Frankfurt, Germany and their bacillus has spread across all our nations, leading to much of the terrible degeneracy, deracination, disposession of the Germanic peoples worldwide.

Note that all the major theoreticians involved in the Frankfurt School were all identified Jews with the intent to overthrow the institutions of their resident countries by the tool of Marxism:

"In the early part of this century, a loose aggregation of intellectuals known as the "Frankfurt School" produced a body of work which was haunted by exactly such issues. Most of its names have by now become familiar to the academic community: Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm."

The Frankfurt School was doubly damned, being not only "left-wing radicals" but Jewish to boot. Initially scattered throughout Europe in exile, their next permanent base would be Columbia University in New York, with which they formed an association which would last from July 1934 until early 1943. Their financial needs were still met by Weil's endowment, so they were able to remain relatively independent and free to carry out their own work.
The ringleaders and enforcers of political correctness in America today continue to be organized Jewish ethnic (hate) groups like the ADL, Wiesenthal center, etc.

The disease of political correctness is an enemy of our Folk survival, traditions, our very liberty, and must be confronted as the intolerant poison designed for our destruction by a tribe of hateful aliens that it is.