My Germanic brothers and sisters,

I would like to share with you this beautiful philosophical novel, "The Epic of Arya: In Search of the Sacred Light". It is about Arya, a half-woman, half-goddess who is torn between two worlds - the human and the divine - and suffers from the twin scourges of Eastern fundamentalism and Western materialism, searching for the "lost sacred Light" of Hyperborea, where "gods first trod the earth", where the "Race of Light" blossomed and bestowed the gift of creation upon the world. Arya dreams of her "beloved Heimat", which lies in the mythical North, beyond the East-West divide. She is in search of the original Light of God, when gods "trod the earth and talked through men".

Below are two beautiful, inspiring quotes from that Nordic Bible:

“But what shall I say to you, my Aryas, my beloved children, at our final reunion? ... this I ask of you now, this I beseech you: become one! Forget your shallow differences, and cherish your deep bond; for your differences are shallow, and your bond is deep... and though you may speak different languages, though you may bear different flags and worship different gods, the blood that runs through your veins and transpires in your deeds and shines in your spirits carries the soul of Ur, your original sacred homeland, your first and eternal god. One is born into a race, but one chooses one’s faith; thus one’s true god lies in one’s blood.”

“I look at your maps, my beloved children, and all I see, from Aryana to Hyperborea, is One Holy Empire torn asunder, at war with itself and denying itself… all I see are shifting borders and sham cultures, brothers who have become strangers, separated by arbitrary fences, raised apart, pitted against each other, fighting amongst themselves, and dying for the sake of alien gods and strange creeds. All I see is discord where there should be harmony, and adversity where there should be comradeship, and enmity where there should be unity. All I see is division and hatred among the branches of Yggdrasil, the Holy Tree which bestowed this earth with the hallowed fruit of creation.”