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Thread: The Secret Nazi Plan for a Loss in WWII

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    The Secret Nazi Plan for a Loss in WWII

    This qualifies as pure conspiracy theory, but it still makes for fun reading:

    By Dennis L. Cuddy

    In previous columns, I’ve mentioned the secret Nazi plan described in American official Sumner Welles’ The Time for Decision (1944). It was a plan (for a Nazi loss in WWII) which would come to fruition two generations later. It included Nazi agents going underground into two successive countries to avoid detection (Paul Dickopf went underground into Switzerland in 1942). These agents would eventually rise to positions of power in those second nations.

    Welles must have learned of this secret plan when he was on friendly terms with the Nazi leadership long before the U.S. entered WWII. A Google search of “sumner welles portraits” shows a photograph of Welles and Hermann Goering on March 19, 1940. But why almost two years before the U.S. entered WWII would the Nazis plan for a loss? And why after WWII was there never an investigation of this secret plan? Robert Ludlum in his fictional The Apocalypse Watch referred to “The Brotherhood of the Watch” a global neo-Nazi secret organization formed in the days after the Third Reich’s defeat and exposed about 50 years later.

    As I’ve written before, Hitler’s rise and demise were facilitated by the PE. In the same year (1942) the Nazi agent Paul Dickoff went underground into Switzerland and the U.S. was already in the war, “Standard Oil of New Jersey managers shipped the enemy’s fuel through neutral Switzerland and the enemy was shipping Allied fuel. The Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the heard office in Manhattan. Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan. Col. Sosthenes Behn, head of ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London. And ITT built the Focke-Wulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops.” (Charles Higham’s Trading With the Enemy, p. xv).

    As I’ve also written before, I.G. Farben’s war industries (e.g. chemicals, rubber, etc.) staffed and directed Hitler’s intelligence section and ran the Nazi slave labor camps. So why at the end of WWII were 87% of Farben’s industries still intact?

    At the end of the war, U.S. Justice Department attorney James Stewart Martin (author of All Honorable Men, 1950) went to Germany to sort out the relationship of American and German businesses during the war, but he was thwarted in his efforts, saying: “We had not been stopped in Germany by German businesses. We had been stopped in Germany by American business. The forces that stopped us had operated from the United States but had not operated in the open. We were not stopped by a law of Congress, by an Executive Order of the President, or even by a change of policy approved by the president…. In short, whatever it was that stopped us was not ‘the government.’ But it clearly had command of channels through which the government normally operates. The relative powerlessness of government… is of course not new…. National governments have stood on the sidelines while bigger operators arranged the world’s affairs.” Relevant to this, it’s important to remember that the PE is NOT the government of any country, but the PE’s agents are IN the governments of countries.

    In order to explain what the PE was doing, it is important to look at how they operate, and John J. McCloy as an agent of the PE is a useful example of this regard. In the 1930s, PE agent McCloy’s law firm of Cravath, de Gersdorff, Swaine & Wood were attorneys for I.G. Farben. This is perhaps one reason McCloy sat in Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin (because the PE is neither right nor left politically, McCloy in late July 1961 went swimming with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in the Black Sea).

    On October 29 of the same year (1936), American Ambassador to Germany William E. Dodd wrote to President Wilson’s chief advisor Col. Edward M. House expressing his surprise and wonder that “in spite of all the debts and all the huge losses since the great war, more than a hundred of our greater corporations have subsidiaries here and are of course involved in a great deal of the acute business which goes on. At the same time no corporation can take profits out of the country, although some I am told earn as much as half a million dollars a year…. Yet a great many of these corporations are supplying the means for rearmament, actually supplying arms. It’s strange to me that they are willing to risk the property of their stockholders in such a way.”

    Four years later, Skull & Bones member Henry Stimson went to Washington to become President Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, and he brought McCloy with him as Assistant Secretary of War. To demonstrate the importance of McCloy, Stimson would later question “whether anyone in the Administration ever acted without having a word with McCloy.”

    McCloy’s lawfirm had as one of its clients the Rockefeller family, and during WWII McCloy was a senior member of John D. Rockefeller III’s intelligence group, the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC). With this background, McCloy established the highly secret U.S. Army’s Psychological Warfare Division at the time of D-Day in 1944. It was also during this time from 1940 to 1946 that American Thomas Harrington McKittrick (an associate of J.P. Morgan Banking) was president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements (BIS) where $378 million of the Nazis’ looted gold had been sent.

    People across the U.S. question whether there really is a Power Elite (PE) facilitating global events. My response is, “If a former Chief of Special Operations (clandestine activities) for the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (USJCS) says there’s a secret team that controls the U.S. and the World, why is it so hard to believe in a PE acting similarly?” Former Special Ops Chief for the USJCS, L. Fletcher Prouty authored The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World (1973), in which he revealed there’s a “Secret Team consisting of security-cleared individuals in and out of government who receive secret intelligence data gathered by the CIA and the National Security Agency…. The Secret Team has very close affiliations with elements of power in more than threescore foreign countries and is able when it chooses to topple governments, to create governments, and to influence governments almost anywhere in the free world.”

    Continuing the parade of Clinton administration Rhodes Scholars appointed by President Obama, Ashton Carter has been named an Undersecretary of Defense. Also, Obama’s “con” or “scam” regarding taxes continues as well. The idea that taxing only those earning over $250,000 per year will not negatively affect all of us is ridiculous. Many small businesses (e.g., five or six workers) file taxes under this provision of the tax code. If their taxes go up the owners have only three choices: (1) absorb the tax themselves (which could cause them to go out of business if operating with only marginal profit), (2) cut costs (e.g., lay off workers or cut workers’ hours or wages), or (3) pass the increase along to consumers. While a few may opt for number 1 most would opt for the numbers 2 or 3. In these tough economic times, number 2 would be the preferred option, and that would increase unemployment. If Obama hopes that by the time these new tax provisions take effecting 2010 the economy will have turned around, that still would not change the three choices, except that number 3 may be preferred. Since the businesses therefore would then pass along their tax increases in the form of higher prices (inflation) to the consumer, how will Obama’s plan help us? It won’t! All of us will feel the effect of increased unemployment in the short term and higher prices (which are like tax increases) in the long run. And since those making over $250,000 per year already pay a majority of the taxes, do you really believe increasing their taxes alone will pay for Obama’s new national health insurance program and all the other new federal programs he has planned? This is why one might call all of this an “Obamacon” or “Obamascam.”]

    In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned the importance of I.G. Farben. In fact, after WWII the U.S. War Department conducted an investigation and produced a document that revealed: “Without I.G.’s immense productive facilities, its intense research and vast affiliations, Germany’s prosecution of the war would have been unthinkable and impossible….” And how was I.G. Farben able to have “immense productive facilities”? A great deal of Farben’s expansion prior to WWII was paid for by funds from Rockefeller’s National City Bank, J.P. Morgan’s Equitable Trust Company, Harris Forbes & Co., and another Rockefeller entity called Dillon, Read & Company.

    Hitler received funds via the August Thyssen Bank which was affiliated with the Harrimans of Skull & Bones in the U.S. The Union Banking Corporation (UBC) of New York was a joint Thyssen-Harriman operation, according to author Antony Sutton, and it had four directors who were members of the same Skull & Bones cell (D 115) as well as two Nazi directors (Johann Groninger and H. J. Kouwenhoven).

    Also mentioned in Part 1 of this series as being important was PE agent John J. McCloy. After WWII, Mc Cloy became president of the World Bank in 1947 and U.S. High Commissioner in Germany in 1949. From this latter influential position, he pressured West Germany (and France) to establish the European and Steel Community which later became the basis for the Common Market and eventually the European Union. This type of regional economic arrangement was a necessary part of the PE’s plan to link such economic arrangements into a management structure which would form the basis for a World Socialist Government.

    Regarding the Nazis, not only would their ability to wage war have been impossible without fuel (from Standard Oil, etc.), but also impossible without armaments from Krupp industries. Despite the fact that Alfried Krupp was tried before a Nuremberg Military Tribunal and found guilty as a war criminal on July 31, 1948 (with confiscation of all his property), on February 4, 1951 McCloy issued a general amnesty plus the return of Krupp’s personal fortune and corporate property.

    Following this, McCloy in 1953 became chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was an outgrowth of PE member Cecil Rhodes’ “scheme to take the government of the whole world.” McCloy held this position until 1970 when he was followed as chairman by David Rockefeller, who in his Memoirs has acknowledged being part of a “secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States,… conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world.”

    During his tenure as CFR chairman, McCloy in 1956 had written: “In my view we must be ready to consider the most far-reaching proposals, including those for total disarmament, universal, enforceable and complete with international controls and inspection.” Because of this viewpoint, President-elect John Kennedy on January 2, 1961 designated McCloy as his principal disarmament advisor and negotiator. Nine months later, Kennedy on September 25, 1961 addressed the U.N. General Assembly, proclaiming: “Let us join in dismantling the national capacity to wage war…. The program to be presented to this assembly is for general and complete disarmament.” Complete disarmament of the U.S. and all other nations was an important goal of the PE.

    Concerning the Nazi’s secret plan mentioned earlier, by the late 1960s Nazi agents had time to ascend to positions of power in the world. By 1968, Nazi secret agent Paul Dickopf had left Switzerland and became head of Interpol, headquartered in France (remember the plan was to go underground into two successive countries). He remained in that strategically powerful position until 1972.

    At this point, it is important to remember that Dickopf, McCloy, and others are not the PE, but merely its agents and not necessarily familiar with what each other are doing (e.g., McCloy may not have been involved in the Nazis’ secret plan). The PE is like a puppeteer pulling the strings of its individual agents in a coordinated manner to accomplish its overall objectives.

    However, given McCloy’s position in the War Department, given that no one in FDR’s Administration probably “ever acted without having a word with McCloy,” and given his position as U.S. High Commissioner of Germany, it’s doubtful he was unaware of the Rat Lines and Operation Paperclip. Rat Lines were escape routes Nazis used fleeing Europe at the end of WWII in order to get primarily to South America, but also perhaps to the U.S., Canada and the Middle East. If you do a simple Google search for “History of the Italian Rat Line,” an April 10, 1950 U.S. Army intelligence document will appear. One Nazi intelligence officer, Richard Gehlen, was employed by the CIA after WWII and headed the Gehlen Org which supported the ODESSA (Organization of former SS members) network in their use of Rat Lines. Examples of prominent Nazis using Rat Lines were Adolph Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, and Josef Mengele.

    At the end of WWII, a secret intelligence operation code-named Operation Paperclip brought hundreds of Nazi scientists to the U.S., and some parts of the operation may still exist today. The operation was under the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA). Beginning in 1948, the JIOA also began Project National Interest, which brought Nazis to the U.S. to work in universities or as defense contractors.

    John D. Rockefeller III as a Naval Lt.-Commander from 1942 to 1945 was a member of the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC, formed December 1944, was a precursor of National Security Council). SWNCC was headed by John J. McCloy, and it approved an expanded version of Operation Paperclip, bringing about 1000 German and Austrian scientists to the U.S. in the “interest of national security” (see SWNCC 257/22). According to Secret Agenda (1991) by Linda Hunt, some Nazi scientists (like Siegfried Ruff and Hermann Becker-Freyseng) “were employed under Paperclip to continue the same type of research that had resulted in the murder of Dachau prisoners!”

    Werner von Braun, leading NASA space scientist here in the 1960s had been a Major in Himmler’s ruthless SS. Convicted Nazi war criminal Otto Ambrose came to the U.S. as part of Project National Interest and worked as a consultant to W.R. Grace & Company for decades. Interestingly, Ambrose had been a director of I.G. Farben which manufactured Zyklon B, the gas that killed millions of Jews and others. Ambrose was also one of those released by U.S. High Commissioner of Germany John J. McCloy in 1951. Nazi Major-General Walter Dornberger commanded a missile base at Peenemunde in WWII, and under Operation Paperclip became vice-president of Bell Aerosystems in Niagara Falls, New York.

    The list goes on and on, but it’s clear McCloy and Rockefeller were aware of high profile Nazis who had been helped to escape to the U.S. at the end of WWII. And one can only wonder whether these Nazis might have been in contact over the years with those other Nazi agents who early in WWII spread throughout the world in order to fulfill today the secret Nazi plan mentioned at the beginning of this article!

    Given the current economic crisis in the world, remember that part of the secret Nazi plan (scheduled to come to fruition today) involved “creating doubts among the people of each country as to the ability, integrity or wisdom of their leading statesmen.” The secret Nazi plan also involved Nazi agents “being trained to appear as men of large financial interests… over a period of years gaining a controlling influence… in labor unions in the banking world…. When the right time comes, stimulate internal dissension sufficiently to destroy the morale of the people.” Sound familiar?

    Are we moving toward Socialism in the U.S. today? Are labor unions or “workers” being emphasized today? Since the U.S. is a “nation” could one call what is happening today a movement toward National Socialism emphasizing workers? And doesn’t the term Nazi stand for National Socialist (German) Workers’ Party? You can read in any good dictionary that the Nazis were Fascists who believe in “private enterprise under centralized government control.” Isn’t this what is occurring today? This is not an accusation that President Obama and the Democrats are some kind of secret Nazis. It is evident, however, that the country is being moved toward Socialism/Fascism, and thus the real Nazi agents would consider Obama and the Democrats (and some Republicans) as “useful idiots” in the fulfillment of their secret plan. For part one or three click below.

    Previously, I mentioned there are growing calls for a single global currency, and to them one can add that of Prof. Hossein Askari of Georgetown University, who wrote: “The only sure way to stabilize the world economy is to create a world central bank and a single reserve currency” (Asia Times Online, Feb. 6, 2009). A single global currency will be an extremely important step on the way toward the planned World Socialist Government, which will be brought about by linking regional economic unions. And in that regard, one reads in “Mexico’s Fox Touts EU-like Integration for the Americas” (San Antonio Express, March 28) that on March 27, 2009 former Mexican president Vicente Fox in San Antonio “expressed the hope that Canada, the United States and Mexico, indeed the rest of Latin America, would function like the European Union.” Fox stated, “My vision is to speed up the process of further integration” among the nations.]

    Regarding my previous columns about the Power Elite (PE) and the secret Nazi plan for today, I have referred to American official Sumner Welles’ book The Time for Decision (1944) partially revealing the plan. For some reason, most people do not seem to take this threat seriously, saying those Nazis from World War II are dead or too old to pose a real threat. They miss the importance of Welles’ statement that the German General Staff “made detailed plans for a later renewal of its attempt to dominate the world… when the favorable moment arrives… perhaps two generations from now,” which means the plan had to include succession.

    I mentioned in earlier columns that Abwehr (counterintelligence) Nazi agent Paul Dickopf went underground in the autumn of 1942 (he became head of Interpol 1968-1972). According to journalist Curt Riess in The Nazis Go Underground (1944), it was on the morning of November 9, 1942 that Hitler’s Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler in his private office in the Brown House in Munich confided to Martin Bormann (head of the Nazi Party) that while Germany may have to capitulate militarily, “never must the National Socialist German Workers Party [Nazi Party] capitulate. That is what we have to work for from now.” Relevant to this effort, Himmler organized everything right down to the last detail regarding Nazis going underground and spreading throughout the world to fulfill their plan, perhaps in two generations. Preliminary work and planning was done by Himmler at the Gestapo building in the Prince Albrechtstrasse, Berlin, and the major Nazi undergound movement began May 16, 1943 at 11 Koenigsallee in Berlin under SS Generals Werner Heissmeyer and Fritz Kaltenbrunner.

    Curt Riess in 1944 also revealed that “[The Nazi underground] organization in Argentina is all set up and waiting impatiently for the ‘go-ahead’ signal. Almost the same may be said of the numerous ‘collaborators’ in the United States.” Joseph Farrell (author of The SS Brotherhood of the Bell and Nazi International) said that Bormann had shifted $800 million in Nazi assets to Argentina, which was then used as a great power leverage with western banks.

    In Europe, according Adam LeBor (“Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich… in the EU,” Daily Mail, May 9, 2009), there was a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944 where Nazi officials ordered an elite group of German industrialists to plan for the Nazis’ return to power in a Fourth Reich. This information was provided in U.S. Military Intelligence report (known as The Red House Report) EW-Pa 128 written in November 1944 by a French spy who was at the Strasbourg meeting. LeBor writes that “powerful Nazi-era bankers, industrialists and civil servants… worked for a new cause: European economic and political integration.”

    The basis for this plan had been developed years earlier, as on September 11, 1940 Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivered a speech, “The Europe of the Future” to Czech intellectual workers and journalists stating: “I am convinced that in 50 years, people will no longer think in terms of countries…. In those days people will think in terms of continents…. No single European nation can in the long run be allowed to stand in the way of the general process of organization.”

    In the same year (1940) as Goebbels’ speech, Nazi Minister of Economic Affairs (1937-1945) Walther Funk wrote a 16-page booklet, The Economic Future of Europe, and called for a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area.” In 1942, Funk co-authored The European Economic Community, in which he declared, “There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the EC].”

    According to the 3-page Red House Report (marked “Secret”) in 1944, Himmler’s SS Obergruppenfuehrer Dr. Scheid (a Lt.-General) began the meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel and ordered German industrialists to “make contacts and alliances with foreign firms, but this must be done individually and without attracting any suspicion.” Sheid also directed them to exploit the finances of those German firms that had already been used as fronts for economic penetration abroad, and he cited the American partners of Krupp, Zeiss, Leica, and the Hamburg-America Lines shipping company (remember here that George Herbert Walker’s and Prescott Bush’s Hamburg-America Lines transported Nazi Dr. Ernst Rudin and other Nazis to the Third International Congress on Eugenics in 1932 in New York where Rudin was unanimously elected president of the International Federation of Eugenic Societies).

    LeBor in the Daily Mail wrote that “as most of the industrialists left the meeting [in Strasbourg], a handful were beckoned into another smaller gathering, presided over by Dr. Bosse of the Armaments Ministry. There were secrets to be shared with the elite of the elite…. [Bosse] laid out the three-stage strategy for the Fourth Reich…. In stage 3, German businesses would set up a ‘sleeper’ network of agents abroad through front companies, which were to be covers for military research and intelligence, until the Nazis returned to power.”

    German economist Ludwig Erhard had written that their industry could expand after Germany’s defeat through supranationalism, meaning the voluntary surrender of national sovereignty to an international body. Thus, Germany (and France) were the primary advocates of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which created a common market for coal and steel and which would evolve into the European Union. LeBor wrote that “before the common market could be set up, the Nazis industrialists had to be pardoned, and Nazi banker and officials reintegrated. In 1951, John Jay McCloy, the American High Commissioner for Germany, issued an amnesty for industrialists convicted of war crimes.”

    Two years before 1957, the Bilderberg Group held its Garmisch-Partenkirchen Conference September 23-25, 1955, and relevant to “European Unity,” the Bilderberg document recorded that “the discussion affirmed complete support for the idea of integration and unification from the representatives of all the six nations of the Coal and Steel Community present at the conference…. [There was] some expression by certain European participants of the view that in the economic field, it might be better to proceed through the development of a common market…. A European speaker expressed concern about the need to achieve a common currency, and indicated that in his view this necessarily implied the creation of a central political authority…. A United States participant confirmed that the United States had not weakened in its enthusiastic support for the idea of integration…. Another United States participant urged his European friends to go ahead with the unification of Europe….”

    I’ve mentioned before that President Obama’s mentor was Saul Alinsky, who authored Rules For Radicals in 1971 and emphasized “change” as does Obama. Alinsky also urged his followers to emphasize such concepts as liberty, equality and fraternity. These were the watch words of the French Revolution, which was the seedbed for Socialism.

    Less known is Alinsky’s Reveille For Radicals (1946) in which he promoted the “battle against narrow nationalism.” Relevant to today, President Obama appointed Clinton Assistant Secretary of State and Dean of International Law at Yale Law School, Harold Hongju Koh, as legal advisor to the Department of State. In 2006, Koh presented an essay, “Why Transnational Law Matters” (Penn State Law Review, Spring 2006) in which he addressed “why transnational law is important.” He first referred to Rhodes Scholar selection Philip Jessup’s definition of transnational law in 1956, but he didn’t mention Jessup’s The International Problem of Governing Mankind (1947), in which Jessup proclaimed: “I agree that national sovereignty is the root of the evil.”

    Koh indicated “transnational law matters… particularly when international law and policies become domesticated into U.S. law and policies.” He also referred to “the U.S. court’s future orientation toward the phenomenon of globalization” and “such topics in transnational public law as the law of global democracy, the law of global governance,…” Regarding the U.S. Supreme Court, Koh explained that “the transnationalist faction – which includes Justices Breyer, Souter, Stevens, Ginsburg, and at times, Justice Kennedy – tends to follow an approach suggested by Justice Blackmun (in 1987): “that U.S. courts must look beyond national interest to the ‘mutual interests of all nations in a smoothly functioning international legal regime’ and must ‘consider if there is a course that furthers, rather than impedes, the development of an ordered international system’.” Thus it seems clear that the principle of maintaining American national sovereignty will be further eroded under President Obama.]

    Adolph Hitler in the second part of his final “Political Testament” given in Berlin on April 29, 1945 at 4 AM requested that Nazi Party head Martin Bormann and others continue the work of the Nazis after Hitler’s death. He remarked, “Let them be conscious of the fact that our task, that of continuing the building of a National Socialist State, represents the work of the coming centuries, which places every single person under an obligation always to serve the common interest and to subordinate his own advantage to this end.” In the first part of his final “Political Testament,” Hitler had forecast, “From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own unity with them unto death, will in any case spring up in the history of Germany, the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National-Socialist [Nazi] movement and thus of the realization of a true community of nations.”

    While Reichfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler and Hitler both pursued the cause of National Socialism, Himmler did not pursue a military victory as persistently as did Hitler. In fact, in the second part of Hitler’s “Political Testament,” he expelled Himmler from the Nazi Party because the latter conducted “secret negotiations with the enemy” and for “illegally attempting to seize power in the State.”

    Was Himmler’s creation of a Nazi underground that would outlast the Third Reich and spread throughout the world part of the Power Elite’s (PE’s) plan? This certainly seems to be the impression one gets when listening to the final statement in the documentary “Himmler’s Castle,” which is as follows: “In the deepest cellar of the west tower is Himmler’s personal safe. Not even the castle’s SS commandants had known of its existence. Several days after the castle was first entered by the Allies, an American special unit blew open the safe and removed the piles of documents and valuables they found inside. The men and the documents then disappeared from history.” This was at the end of the war at the same time concealed SS assets were being shifted by the “Schroder/Dulles network.”

    PE agent Allen Dulles, head of American intelligence, was on the board of Schroder Finance House which had offices in Hamburg, New York and London, and had great influence in Latin America. Also an agent of the PE, Allen Dulles’ brother, John Foster Dulles, in a speech on October 28, 1939 had already revealed an important part of the PE’s plan: “[There must be] some dilution of sovereignty, to the immediate disadvantage of those nations which now possess the preponderance of power… the establishment of a common money, might be vested in a body created by and responsible to the principle of trading and investing peoples. This would deprive our government of exclusive control over a national money.” Dulles was foretelling the global currency that soon will become a reality.

    War had come once again “in fierce and exaggerated form” with World War II causing nations to become more willing to sacrifice some of their national sovereignty to a world body of nations. Nazis under Himmler pursued a plan that would come to fruition in perhaps two generations (about now). SS officer Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands began the PE’s sponsored Bilderberg meetings at Oosterbeek May 29-31, 1954. And the Rat Lines mentioned earlier in this series took the infamous Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele to South America in January 1945 to continue his work which emphasized identical twins.

    In Nick Evans’ “Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele ‘created twin town in Brazil’” (London Telegraph, January 23, 2009), he refers to Jorge Camarasa’s new book Mengele: The Angel of Death in South America and quotes Camarasa as saying: “There is testimony that he [Mengele] attended women, followed their pregnancies, treated them with new types of drugs and preparations, that he talked of artificial insemination in human beings, and that he continued working with animals, proclaiming that he was capable of getting cows to produce male twins.” A farmer in Brazil recounted that Mengele (who called himself Rudolph Weiss) “said he could carry out artificial insemination of cows and humans, which we thought impossible as in those days (early 1960s) it was unheard of.” A former mayor of Candido Godoi (Brazil) and town doctor Anencia Flores da Silva recounted testimony that Mengele “attended women who had varicose veins and gave them a potion which he carried in a bottle or tablets which he brought with him,… and everyone remembers he used to take blood.” The town’s first twins were born in 1963, and one in five pregnancies have resulted in (mostly blond-haired and blue-eyed) twins there (typically there are one set of twins in 80 pregnancies in a country).

    The Nazis never did anything out of mere scientific curiosity, so ask yourself how the ability to create identical twins via artificial insemination might be used in the fulfillment of the secret Nazi plan for today! In Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz (1991), authors Lucette Matalon Lagnado and Sheila Cohn Dekel wrote: “It is believed Mengele was searching for ways to induce multiple births, so as to repopulate the depleted German Army.” But that would take too long, wouldn’t it? Perhaps Mengele’s emphasis on identical twins had more to do with the secret Nazi plan’s provision for succession (who would succeed the first generation of Nazis who went underground). After all, SS officer Mengele didn’t arrive in Auschwitz until May 1943, the exact date the Nazi underground movement began and 6 months after SS Reichsfuerher Himmler privately told Nazi Party head Bormann they may have to capitulate militarily but never must the Nazi Party capitulate.

    While it’s true that Mengele was trying “to produce an ideal race of Aryan men and women endowed with only the finest genetic traits, who would rapidly multiply and rule the world,” according to Lagnado and Dekel, it’s also true that aspects of Mengele’s research had nothing to do with this. For example, Lagnado and Dekel wrote that Mengele “also attempted to change the sex of some twins…. What was the point of these ghoulish experiments? No one, neither the child-victims nor the adult witnesses, ever really knew.” While sex changes would be largely irrelevant to developing an Aryan race, the change of one male and one female twin to both males or both females would be relevant to the matter of succession in the secret Nazi plan if replacing one identical twin with his brother or her sister at a later date was part of the plan.

    By 20 years after the time Mengele arrived at Auschwitz, it seems that his technique of producing identical twins had been perfected, as earlier in this article I mentioned the first twins were born in Candido Godoi in 1963 and one in five births since then have been twins. If by 1963 Mengele shared his technique with other Nazis who went underground during World War II, then twins born in the early 1960s under the Nazi’s secret plan today would be 40-50 years old. Succeeding the original underground Nazis “as men of large commercial or financial interests” with a “controlling influence in labor unions, in the banking world, in Chambers of Commerce,” etc., these individuals would be in strategically important positions enabling them to fulfill today the secret Nazi (National Socialist) plan as partially revealed in Sumner Welles’ The Time for Decision.

    As David Lee Preston wrote in “Hitler’s Swiss Connection” (The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, January 5, 1997), former Nazi Reichsminister of Finance Hjalmar Schacht “was quoted as saying National Socialism would conquer the world without having to wage another war.” Preston also related that the Swiss man who made investments for Schacht after the war, Francois Genoud, wrote in the preface of Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944: His Private Conversations (Bormann’s account of Hitler’s conversations) that “Hitler wanted the people of the Third World to carry on the work of the Thousand-Year Reich.” This is an important revelation given that these conversations occurred long before the Nazis lost militarily, and most people of the Third World could scarcely be considered the blue-eyed blondes representative of Hitler’s Aryan ideal. The revelation does show the breadth of the Nazi plan and that it included National Socialism even for the Third World.

    Are we seeing any movement toward National Socialism and the use of eugenics in the U.S.? These are important elements in the PE’s larger plan for population control and a World Socialist Government. And remember that PE agent Sir Julian Huxley (Fabian Socialist and first director-general of UNESCO) in UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy (1948) wrote about “the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization…. Political unification in some sort of world government will be required…. Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”

    Does American intelligence awareness of Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s contact with Al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki seem like 9/11 déjà vu to you? Remember that German intelligence believed the CIA had been monitoring 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta in the U.S. long before 9/11. Is that what U.S. intelligence was doing with Major Hasan before the incident at Fort Hood on November 5? And just like after 9/11, don’t be surprised if no one gets fired because this disaster wasn’t prevented when it could have been.]

    Whenever I talk to people about the secret Nazi plan for today, they say the World War II Nazis are old today and therefore no threat. Besides, they say, the Mossad and others have monitored the Nazis who fled Germany toward the end of the war. But that’s the problem. Those are the Nazis the secret plan wants us to see and monitor. However, the real threat today is from the Nazis who dispersed under the secret plan early in World War II, and this secret Nazi plan included successors to the original Nazis.

    It’s also important to remember that the Nazis were simply one subpart of a larger effort by the Power Elite (PE) to bring about a World Socialist Government. In previous columns, I’ve mentioned how around 595 B.C., Solon was told by the priests at the Temple of Isis in Sais, Egypt that the elite Aryans were the only people to survive the destruction of Atlantis (in 1626 Sir Francis Bacon wrote New Atlantis).

    About two centuries after Solon, Plato would pick up on the theme of rule by an elite “republic of philosophers” in his book, The Republic (380 B.C.), and he also wrote therein: “If a man had a sickly constitution and intemperate habits, his life was worth nothing to himself or anyone else….” The Nazis would later adopt this same theme with “lebensunwerten Lebens,” life unworthy of being lived.

    On May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society of elitists who conspired to take over the world. They founded student societies at German universities at Tugenbund and Berschenschaften. William H. Russell matriculated through those institutions, and brought back the student societies’ ceremonies and rites to Yale University, establishing in 1832 the elite secret Skull & Bones society which would have elitist swastikas in its building on campus.

    Forty years later in 1872 jurist Karl Binding would begin teaching at the University of Leipzig (until 1912). Seven years later at the same university, Wilhelm Wundt (whose grandfather Kirchenrat Karl Kasimir Wundt was a member of the Illuminati with the code name “Raphael”) began the first psychological laboratory. Wundt’s first American Ph.D. was G. Stanley Hall, mentor of Socialist and “Father of Progressive Education” John Dewey (“Father of American Psychology” William James also received his Ph.D. from Wundt). Binding and Dr. Alfred Hoche would later author Die Freigabe der Vernichtung lebensunwerten Lebens (Permission for the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life), which would serve as the basis for the Nazis’ euthanasia program designed to eliminate any “inferior” (non-Aryan, non-elite) human beings.

    Also, in 1872, Confederate Brig. Gen. Albert Pike (who revised the Scottish Rite of freemasonry) wrote Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship in which he praised Lucifer (as he did in 1871 in Morals and Dogma). And in the Scottish Rite’s journal New Age (September 1950), C. William Smith wrote about “a new religion of ‘The Great Light’… and the American race will be the sixth Aryan civilization….”

    Fourteen years after Pike’s 1872 book, Elizabeth Nietzsche (sister of Friedrich Nietzsche) and her husband Bernhard Forster went to Paraguay to found New Germany (see Forgotten Fatherland by Ben MacIntyre) where the Aryan ideal could flourish. She later returned to Germany and became a mentor to Hitler in the early 1900s. At this same time, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger began publishing Birth Control Review in which Nazi Ernst Rudin of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and others) wrote “Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need” in the April 1933 edition. Sanger believed in reducing “dysgenic stock” such as blacks, gypsies, Jews, etc., and so did Rudin and the Nazis.

    Rudin taught the “Angel of Death,” Josef Mengele, who was interested in identical twins. After WWII, Rudin’s daughter Edith Zerbin Rudin (member of the American Eugenics Society), worked at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry on a project involving the behavior of twins. Also after WWII, the CIA recruited and deployed five of the Nazi assistants of Adolph Eichmann, who fled to South America with Mengele (see

    In previous parts of this series, I’ve indicated how I thought Mengele’s research on identical twins was designed to provide succession for the second generation in the secret Nazi plan for today. Also, Mengele’s research on being able to change eye color would fit that same theory so he could make twins appear to be identical if they were simply different in eye color.

    As I’ve written before in this series, SS leader Heinrich Himmler early in WWII confided to Martin Bormann (Nazi Party chief, May 1941-May 1945) that the Nazis may lose militarily but that the Nazi movement (National Socialism) must never be defeated. That Socialism was a PE goal even before Hitler and the Nazis came to power can be seen from the widely used college reader A Social History of the American Family (Vol. 3, 1919), in which author Arthur Calhoun wrote that “the modern individual is a world citizen” (just as President Obama claims to be). Calhoun went on to say that “The family goes back to the age of savagery while the state belongs to the age of civilization…. As soon as the new family, consisting of only the parents and the children, stood forth, society saw how many were unfit for parenthood and began to realize the need of community care…. The child passes more and more into the custody of community experts…. In the new social order, extreme emphasis is sure to be placed upon eugenic procreation…. It seems clear that at least in its early stages, socialism will mean an increased amount of social control…. We may expect in the socialist commonwealth a system of public educational agencies that will begin with the nursery and follow the individual through life….”

    The Nazis simply picked up on this theme and instituted eugenic procreation. And relevant to Calhoun’s statement about children and education, Hitler on November 6, 1933 stated: “I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already…. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’” And on May 1, 1937 Hitler further declared: “This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

    Remember that the secret Nazi plan was to come to fruition two generations after WWII, and reflect upon Prof. Richard Wexler’s reference in Wounded Innocents (1990) to “child saver” zealots who desire an expansion of government power. Commenting on Wexler’s assertion, psychologist John Rosemond in his syndicated newspaper column subsequently explained: “Implicit to all this liberal scheming is the belief, firmly held by many mental health professionals, that families are closed pathological systems that must, in the best interests of the helpless child-prisoners within, be made subject to state scrutiny, reorganization and management.”

    But how would these mental health professionals get around parents’ religious claims that God entrusted parents, not society or government, with the care of children? That’s simple. These professionals would just declare a connection between religion and mental health problems! For example, North Carolina’s 1980 State Health Plan had already listed religion as a possible socio-economic precursor of mental retardation.

    Six years after Wexler’s book was published, David Kessler (former federal Food and Drug Administration Commissioner) said on NBC Nightly News (August 23, 1996) that “the government can protect its kids.” Note he didn’t say government would “protect kids,” but rather he placed the possessive adjective “its” before the word “kids.” One might remember this “possessive” attitude when considering that despite laws against forced child labor, many school systems across the U.S. require students to engage in misnamed “voluntary” service in order to graduate from high school. Globally, a U.S. Department of Labor report released September 10, 2009 showed many nations, such as China, used child or forced labor. Products from such labor often are sold in stores frequented by minorities, whom one would think would be especially offended by such labor practices. However, the lack of boycotts of such products shows how successfully the PE has conditioned the buying public.

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    Is he one of them that calls Obama etc Nazis? Seems he just want to scare people from the Democrats. I didn't read the whole text I might add.

    However, it doesn't seem far-fetched that the NS would have some sort of plan in the event of defeat, whatever that may have been and what happend to such a plan.

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    If there was such a plan it didn't achieve much...
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    So "Nazis" are behind inviting the third world into Germanic nations? Right.

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