Swedish residence permits can be purchased on the black market for €2,000 ($3,020) apiece, allowing buyers to travel freely throughout Europe.

The residence permits consist of the the same sticker, featuring the same seals and watermarks, as the permits issued to people who are granted permanent residency in Sweden, Sveriges Radio (SR) reports.

The stickers are fastened in the visa section of the carrier’s passport, along with the name and picture of the individual.

Anyone who purchases a black market Swedish residence permit must then fasten it in their passport, something which Swedish officials claim can only be done by authorities at the Migration Board (Migrationsverket).

The seller of the black market permits told SR that once purchased, they are sent to Greece, where associates run the stickers through a printing and fastening machine similar to the ones used by the Migration Board.

Several refugees in hiding told SR that it is possible to buy residence permit stickers. An Iraqi man who lives in Jönköping in central Sweden claimed to have purchased two stickers to help family members in Iraq get to Europe in order to seek asylum.

It remains unclear if the residency permit stickers for sale on the black market are authentic or not.

While the seller claims the stickers he sells are authentic, the Migration Board said it has no evidence that any stickers are missing and no police reports have been filed.


I'm tired of this corruption in Europe to help aliens settle in, as if the legal ways aren't disgusting enough as it is.