Actually processing, preserving, shipping etc. food looses some nutrients though in some cases it can actually improve other nutrients (by cooking, canning etc.). Really you should grow at least a small amount of food fresh or get it off a neighbor or something. Like some fresh leafy greens etc. I don't trust microwaves but I haven't seen anything reliable about it lowering I.Q. or whatever. It would be safe to assume that it is probably bad for you but the negative health effects are small. Otherwise it would be obvious that people with microwaves are coming down with illness.

The test would be to go into rich politicians homes, Jewish bankers, scientists, microwave manufacturers etc. and see if they have microwaves. Do as they do not as they say.

As far as a tinfoil hat- ineffective. Though there are radio waves and various other waves all through the environment. Studies show that these waves stimulate the brain- makes you hyperactive, ADD, trouble sleeping etc. The best way to minimize these are to go into a basement that has a lot of metal pipes and such around. If you can't pick up a cell phone signal or TV signal you're doing good. You would have to build a lead room to be totally safe.

I do think these waves along with artificial light are causing a lot of insomnia which seems to affect over half the population now. Turn the lights out after dark and during the day try to get some sunlight or use more natural sun-glo flourescent bulbs etc.