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Thread: "Zuma Needs to Clamp Down Hard on AbaThembu Before Afrikaner Separatism Ignites"

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    "Zuma Needs to Clamp Down Hard on AbaThembu Before Afrikaner Separatism Ignites"

    Afrikaner separatism is as enduring a concept as it is one which blows hot and cold. A Volkstaat (people's state), the proposal for the establishment of self determination for the Boer minority in South Africa, according to federal principles, but alluding to full independence, is never far away from the lips of those who see it as their solution to South Africa's problems.

    The Freedom Front Plus, Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging and even the Boeremag - before they all got arrested in 2003 - are all proponents of the Volkstaat principle and any concession or even lip-service paid to those who would break away from South Africa, for whatever reason, will result in a backlash from those who seek independence in earnest.

    After the elections this year President Jacob Zuma reached out to the Afrikaner community in terms of visiting them and making appointments in Cabinet from outside the ANC. This however will not satisfy those who seek to form their own country. They are simply biding their time and waiting for an example or opportunity, just like the one presented by the AbaThembu clan in the Eastern Cape province.

    AbaThembu King, Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, has officially notified Zuma's office that the tribe is withdrawing from the South African government and will be breaking away to form its own state during 2010.

    This is the clan from which President Nelson Mandela emanates.

    The lawyers for Dalindyebo simultaneously with their notification to Zuma, of withdrawing from South Africa, served notice on the National Prosecuting Authority calling for them to drop charges which include inter alia culpable homicide, assault GBH and kidnapping, against their client.

    Dalindyebo was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in the Mthatha High Court in October.

    In addition the attorneys gave the NPA a deadline to withdraw the charges by Monday, submit an apology by January 5th and pay damages in the sum of R900 million. They noted for good measure that according to their information AbaThembu constitutes the largest tribe in the country with estimated figures in excess of ten million and that about 60% of the land in South Africa legitimately belongs to them.

    They then concluded by saying that the clan will choose a certain day to be declared a 'National Day of Siege' during which they will burn the national flag and their membership cards of the ANC.

    An ANC spokesman allegedly dismissed the notice as a joke.

    If he did, best he stop laughing quickly and formulate a response to the king which confirms that regardless of whether his people elect to begin a process of breaking away from South Africa, the King will be serving the 15 year jail term. Even foreigners who commit crimes in South Africa still go to jail here.

    In addition that the President and the country does not take kindly to extortion from anyone.

    Perhaps concluding with a note to the attorneys to the effect that unless they can demonstrate why their actions are not an attempt at extortion, they too will be spending time with the NPA and it won't just be for the king.

    South Africa cannot allow anyone who even suggests separatism as an answer to be taken lightly.

    There are those who are deadly serious about it and any sign of weakness will be all the signal that they will ever need.

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    If white Afrikaaners follow suit they should see to their new nation that they don't allow blacks in there. Otherwise you have the same sh.... going on in the future.

    An all white Burenstad aware of jewish destructive influence and autark can be a beam of culture and wealth in the world. A good example of how it can work, not being influenced by jewish media, tricks and black savagery.

    If they do, it would be very powerful.


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    The Afrikaners should be Afrikaners and nothing else. This white nonsense will only serve to destroy them.

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