Skadi is generally not the place to bring the matters of other forums to, including of those with which we don't have friendly relations or any relations at all.

While it's understandable that there is cross membership between forums and sometimes people have grievances, these should be aired at the respective forums and their owners or staff.

In the past, Skadi allowed some fair and benevolent criticism of other (similar) forums in its Althing section for regulars and/or offered to seek some mediating solution with their respective staffs. However, some of those threads surpassed those limits and approached undesirable levels. In addition, some of the forum owners/members criticized were not members of Skadi and thus unable to read and address those grievances or speak in their defense. We on Skadi do not wish to engage in interforum conflicts and allowing "vent" threads inevitably leads to that, sooner or later. Additionally, such threads detract from more important things. Please understand that our community is our community, it has its own identity, it is not the place for cross forum "politics".

Discussions about other forums may be removed or edited accordingly, depending on context. Skadi Staff shall cooperate with other forum owners as per gentlemen's agreement and/or upon reports.

Please note the following rules:

21 (a). Skadi Forum maintains friendly relations with many other forums and websites. Defamation and insults directed against these sites, boards, their decisions, their owners, and, potentially, their Staff, are not permitted, and will be removed per gentlemen's agreement.

(b). If you just got banned from another forum or don't like its orientation or Staff, then Skadi is not the right place to vent about it. If you are a Skadi Regular, have a good record on Skadi, and think the decision has been unfair, contact Staff, and we might be able to help you by mediation.
Thank you for your understanding.