HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - An advertisement in Northern Kentucky University's newspaper "The Northerner" is sparking outrage.
Students claim it directs readers to a white supremacist Website.
The ad contains about two dozens words in black and white that has some NKU students seeing red. For the past two weeks, The Northerner has published the ad.
The bottom of the ad directs readers to an online store for music made by neo-Nazi artists and white supremacist musicians.
"Yeah, this ad isn't offensive, but I know the Website would be," NKU freshman William Christopher said. "And it shouldn't be in a college newsletter."
NKU freshman Danielle Spears agreed with him.
"Especially if they're promoting diversity in our school," Spears said.
Northerner Editor in Chief Tim Owens said he spent Tuesday responding to a storm of comments and questions about the advertisement. Owens said it was an honest mistake.
"The ad is very vague," Owens said. "All it says is we sell this kind of music, this kind of music, this kind of music, and has a link to the Website. We thought nothing of it."
Owens spent most of Tuesday evening preparing his paper for print. This week's issue will hit stands on Wednesday. The issue will include an apology and a hole where the ad once was. That's a decision some students told us might be step back for first amendment rights.