This is old news. I found this article accidently. I believe it is still valid today, as nothing has changed much in the United States since 2006, when this article was written.

America Must Adapt to Radical Islam’s Strategies in our Homeland

Guest Column | By David Steinmann | November 16, 2006

This isn’t the kind of “war” we are used to understanding and knowing how to go about winning.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Muslims in western countries would expect that our laws and culture should be bent to accommodate their behavior and actions. Those kinds of claims/demands (depending on the circumstances of the matter at hand) are simply part of an ever increasing, gradual, insistent pressure designed -- sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally -- to have western countries evolve over time into Islamic ones.

But because it is hard for almost all westerners to imagine that actually happening, they tend to fall back on the cultural norms we have developed amongst ourselves which require tolerance, forbearance, compromise and understanding. All of which work just fine when all of the parties involved subscribe to the same basic understandings. But when one party comes to the conflict with an unyielding, intolerant insistence on having it done their way, as so many Muslims do when they come to western countries, then our tried and true approach to conflict resolution -- tolerance, compromise, understanding, flexibility -- fails and we are left having yielded to demands which, were they to have been seen and understood in the context of a multi-faceted on-going, protracted cultural and religious war would never have been made.

Happily, the Canadian court cited in the article below did not yield to an Islam based appeal that a man's "dishonor" should be a mitigating factor in his sentence for having murdered his wife. But for every such rejection of Islamic insistence on having western countries do it their way, there are these days a dozen examples of western countries giving in and yielding to these demands in the name of tolerance, multi-culturism and flexibility. I circulate articles about some of these examples from time to time just to keep you all posted on the increasing absurdity of the west's willingness to subjugate itself to another more insistent, self confident culture.

Unhappily, all signs in western Europe point to an increasingly speedy decline in their ability to articulate and defend their cultures against an aggressive Islamic insistence on the Islamisization of those countries. America and Australia seem so far to have had the most success in resisting this encroachment but even here there is an endless supply of efforts by Muslims to change our culture to first accommodate their beliefs and religion and, although they don't often articulate it clearly, eventually change us into an Islamic society. In order to defend ourselves, we will have to understand two things: what our culture is and why it is worth defending; and that there really is a religious war going on around the globe right now, the intention of which is to Islamicize the world.

It has taken the west a very long time to evolve into a society we are comfortable with. But if we have come to take it for granted, or have forgotten why we value its underlying principles, or have lost the ability to fight to defend it, then we will lose this war because the other side is religiously driven and is convinced that it is fighting for its god's principles. Can a post-modern, secular society muster the will to resist that kind of assault? Our children and grandchildren are going to have to be ready to answer that question and perhaps fight to defend our culture. Often it will be a subtle conflict with its battles fought in places such as schools or in courtrooms. And sometimes the battles will be fought with guns. But they will all be part of the same conflict and we fail to understand that at our extreme peril.

This isn't the kind of "war" we are used to understanding and knowing how to go about winning. Both on the battlefield and inside our own country the rules have changed and the enemy is using tactics we haven't faced before. We will have to adjust to these changes if we are to be successful. When you read the news try to see it through that kind of prism and you will understand it better and, hopefully, be better prepared to be less tolerant and more insistent that western values and culture not be eroded in order to accommodate Muslim insistence on their culture and values which are so often anathema to our beliefs and values. It's going to be hard but we are all soldiers -- like it or not -- in this conflict. And it's past time to saddle up and get into the battle.

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