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Thread: Stuff That Makes You Smile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnish Swede View Post
    How many of you have ever heard about so called ''Reading Education Assistance Dogs''? Those dogs can be found in some libraries and they listening then kids are reading.

    Now Finns have tested Kyyttö cows on that :
    That's cute! I think I might need a company like that too, to listen to me when I'm reading stuff in Scandinavian languages.

    By the way, I love it to see how animals are treated in Norway, at least (don't know for sure about other Scandinavian countries), to see that all dogs have an owner and they don't live on the streets... I also like it that people take care of their dogs, and usually they are also careful when going out with their dogs, not to attack other people or animals, in most cases keeping them on a string...

    All dogs seem to be happy here, and other animals too!
    Die Farben duften frisch und grün... Lieblich haucht der Wind um mich.

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