Mega Genius

Imagine that you have just discovered a folder stamped "U.S. Federal Government" and "Top Secret" lying along a sidewalk. Are you curious about what is inside?

If you do not really want to know, do not continue. Warning: Stop now!

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who is curious, and if you are certain that you can handle it, then please ensure that you are sitting down, and take a deep breath. We are going to crack open that folder right now, inspect the first several pages, and examine a few of its deepest and darkest secrets ... or what are certainly supposed to be.

"The Mega Genius Lectures," consisting of "The Genius Formula Series," "The Uncommon Sense Series," and "The Truth Series," were recorded in their entirety from 15 to 22 November 2000.

Of all those throughout the world who have been fortunate enough to have heard all 34 of "The Mega Genius Lectures" (or any portion of them, for that matter), not a single person has questioned that they reflect only the highest caliber of truth. And they do.

For various reasons, much of that truth you were never supposed to know.

Now, from a different angle, I'm going to briefly address just one of the thousands of facets of truth that those lectures reflect. What I'm about to tell you, I've considered revealing for some time, because it's something you urgently need to know. The time, however, was never right. Finally, it is.

Much information within the United States Federal Government is classified, from Confidential (keep it strictly to yourself) all the way up to documents stamped both "TOP SECRET" and "EYES ONLY." Those who are under consideration to be granted access to the higher classifications are thoroughly investigated by various means, by diverse alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI, DOD, NSA, DIA, et cetera), as I'm sure you know.

As one who has undergone many security checks, or "sec checks," as they are known, I know quite a lot about the matter. Sec Checks even include such admittedly unreliable data as that obtained through interviews with the subjects' neighbors, in case they might turn up some indication of erratic behavior or propensity that could disqualify the individuals. Reports from such interviews are then submitted to Federal psychiatrists, who analyze even such insignificant allegations as "bites his fingernails," and even "was breast fed."

Some sec checking is far more extensive and invasive than even that.

Classified information within the U.S. Federal Government is strictly compartmentalized. It is available only on a "need to know" basis. Consequently, those with high security clearances in the Pentagon, for example, often have no idea what the person in the next office is doing.

Incidentally, sometimes they are even working on the same major project at the same time, without knowing it. That's the Government's way of doing things.

Unknown to the public, the U.S. Federal Government has a number of ultra-high security classifications above even "Top Secret." Each of those security classifications is known as "Top Secret / (Plug-in Word)," such as "Top Secret / Ultra, " "Top Secret / Umbra, and "Top Secret / Majic," for example. (The words "umbra" and "majic" are abbreviated forms of the words "umbrella" and "majestic.")

These ultra-high-level security classifications are all relatively closely related and pertain to various aspects of the same basic issues. Information about the many projects and activities within those ultra-high-level security classifications is supremely restricted. Even the names of most of those ultra-high-level security classifications are not even known by individuals just one classification lower, within the highly secure "Top Secret" circles.

I have already publicly stated that we have "space neighbors," first, when I discussed some aspects of the matter in "The Mega Genius Lectures" and, again, in a public interview on 22 June 2001 (see "Interview" on the website).

Since the mid-1940's, in particular, mankind has extensively debated whether "flying saucers" are real. To many, it seems ridiculous, even impossible.

Yet many members of law enforcement and Congress, and commercial pilots, various astronauts, and even former President Jimmy Carter, among many other highly respected individuals, have reported personal and detailed encounters with them.

It is a matter of public record that, in mid-July of 1952, what the military called "shining discs" appeared and departed, at incalculable speeds, above Washington, D.C. There they hovered over the Capitol, the Pentagon, and even directly above the White House, in considerable numbers, night after night. Simultaneous tracking by radar from three separate locations verified that the shining discs were quite solid objects.

Unknown to the public, however, such discs subsequently hovered over nuclear launch facilities in both the Northwestern U.S. and the Soviet Union, where they utterly disabled the critical electronics of both those facilities for an appreciable time.

It is common knowledge that the U.S. Air Force's public position is that there is absolutely nothing to the thousands of reports of flying saucers' existence. Yet military and commercial pilots, and other civilian personnel, have continually reported them.

On 22 January 1948 a special project to investigate all such reports from military and civilian sources was begun by the military at Wright-Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), near Dayton, Ohio. The public knew of it as Project Saucer, although it was actually named Project Sign. Ten months later, in December 1948, the public was told that Project Sign had concluded, but the investigation actually continued under what was called Project Grudge.

In early 1950, the Department of Defense announced that the Air Force had again discontinued its investigation and had concluded that all such reports were attributable to misinterpretations of various conventional objects, or a mild form of mass hysteria, or hoaxes.

In fact, the Department of Defense lied to the public and actually continued the investigation, which later, in 1952, was re-named Project Blue Book, which continued until 17 December 1969.

Of course, why was there any reason for the Air Force to secretly continue its investigation of flying saucers if it had truthfully determined that there was nothing worth investigating?

All Blue Book files were then transported from Wright-Patterson to the Air Force Archives at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, and then sent to the National Archives, in Washington, D.C. There, all the names of the witnesses were deleted.

Although Project Blue Book had officially ended, the Air Force secretly continued collecting reports of UFOs (in which it claimed to have no interest) in accordance with Air Force manual 55-11.

The true purpose of the public investigations was to collect and analyze information about what was being reported, which was of extreme interest to the Government, while placating concerned citizens by convincing them that there was nothing to the matter at all, and that it in no way deserved their attention. It was very similar to a magician's attempt to misdirect where one looks (a subject with which I am quite familiar).

This was re-emphasized in 1965, when the public had begun to question the Air Force's true motives, through a Government contract awarded to the University of Colorado to study the Air Force's Project Blue Book investigation. It was sponsored by the Government, remember.

In 1968, its Condon Committee re-affirmed to the public that there was absolutely nothing to the matter worth investigating.

Interestingly, although the Condon Committee's conclusion was endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences, it was ridiculed throughout the aerospace industry by the prestigious American Institute of Aeronautics and astronautics, which concluded that just the opposite conclusion could have been drawn from the evidence analyzed by Project Blue Book.

The actual truth, and the answer that the public has vigorously sought, exists extensively throughout the materials within the U.S. Federal Government's absolute highest level of security classification, which has been awarded to extremely few persons, indeed.

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