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Thread: Racism, Prejudice, Intolerance: As American As Apple Pie

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    Racism, Prejudice, Intolerance: As American As Apple Pie

    Religious authorities utilized the word 'heretic' in the 16th century to silence or 'slap down' anyone that brought facts, figures and new concepts to the public. If a new scientific concept contradicted the Catholic Church, they placed the scoundrel under house arrest-such as Galileo for proving the Earth revolved around the sun.
    In the 50s, Joe McCarthy used the word, "He's a communist...." to blackmail anyone that moved against his policies.

    Today, in the 21st century, the word 'racist' replaced 'heretic', 'communist' and other words--to drive fear into any American citizen that might speak up against illegal immigration, jackpot babies, chain migration or support of a single language civilization. The ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, La Raza and other organizations commit vast financial resources to silence their opposition.

    They never use facts, they never support the rule of law, they never abide by the U.S. Constitution-but they do support illegality, criminality and, when they run out of emotional arguments, they sling the 'racist' term around like a farmer shoveling cow manure into a wagon for spreading.

    While a district attorney, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter allowed criminal aliens to 'get off' by offering them easy plea deals instead of deporting them. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper maintains a strict 'sanctuary policy' for unlawful immigrants that has gotten dozens of Coloradans killed. The Looper refuses to enforce Initiative 100 passed by Colorado voters. Laws passed by the 2006 Colorado legislature to stop illegal aliens from enjoying jobs, housing and benefits have not been enforced.

    Thus, somewhere between 400,000 and some estimates as high as 700,000 illegal aliens and their children enjoy illegal refuge in Colorado. They cost taxpayers $1.1 billion annually as well as the lives lost from drunken driving illegals, schools trashed by illegals downgrading educational standards, hospitals bankrupting via babies born to illegals mothers and prisons filling with illegals, last count, 7,300 criminal aliens enjoying TV and three squares a day.

    Another aspect of 20 million illegal aliens and their children within the United States along with an unending chain of legal immigrants caused this civilization to add 100 million people in 40 years. That same unending immigration train expects to add 100 million more people to this civilization within the next 26 years-thus making this civilization unsustainable. Few realize that immigration line grows by 77 million annually worldwide.

    In Dr. Otis Graham's "Unguarded Gates: A History of America's Immigration Crisis", he writes, "Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all -- ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet."

    While the same people that never say a word when immigration destroys school systems like in Detroit, Denver, Houston, Chicago with 50 to 76 percent dropout/flunkout rates and 50 to 85 different languages and ethnic groups beating up on other ethnic groups-they scream 'racist' when any writer or speaker stands up with the facts. They utilize emotions and fear instead of reason, logic and common sense.

    While they watch the United States degrade from a sustainable and cohesive civilization to an unsustainable degraded nightmare, "Blind Spot", they argue for their children's own denigrated future.

    It's a study in "Temporal Blindness" by Dr. Jack Alpert: "TEMPORAL BLINDNESS is a limitation in cognitive process. People with temporal blindness cannot gather and process available information into predictions of future conditions. Their processes cannot connect future conditions to a causing behavior. When their processes do create unpleasant predictions, and identify the causal behavior, they fail to create enough present meaning for the future conditions to motivate a change in that behavior."

    Hopefully, just like Galileo prevailed, Newton succeeded and Albert Einstein triumphed in past centuries, we must applaud and support Americans that stand and speak on the side of reason, logic, law and the U.S. Constitution. We must move beyond the fear of name calling to the higher calling that allows this republic to survive into the 21st century.

    As a nation of laws, we must engage law and order not continued lawlessness at our borders. We must engage a "US Sustainable Immigration Policy of 100,000 Annually." We must engage a "US Sustainable Population Policy" and working toward a "US Sustainable Energy Policy." We might consider a "US Quality of Life Policy" that engages population stability not only for humans, but for all living creatures.

    Instead of raging with inane words like 'racist', we need a dialogue on numbers, sustainability, climate destabilization caused by too many humans, resource balance, water conservation. Finally, we must encourage humanity to come into population balance with its planet home. If not, Mother Nature is the ultimate 'racist' population arbiter, and she always bats last no matter what your race, creed or color.

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    Well the best I can tell Joe McCarthy was right about the Hollywood communist. And if you look at them today they are actually even more Trotskite extreme than even Russians Communist ever thought of being.

    Soviet Communist actually look conservative compared to these people.

    But I think there is one thing we should know about “Communist” in the 1950's was the vast majority of them were Jews, that had arrived ether from parts of eastern Europe and Russia. Some at Ellis Island or later and concentrated on the east coast in areas like, New York. Many of them transferred to California to become part of the entertainment industry in the early 1920's with the arrival of the movie industry.

    Which was for the most part an outgrowth of the traveling vaudeville shows of earlier, most of which employed Jews or gypsies as actors.

    As Such McCarthy was the object of a media hatchet job performed by the media Marxist of that era, which were largely Jewish, and sympathetic to their relatives in the Soviet Union.

    Sorry off topic I guess.

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