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Thread: Can Racial Differences in Circulating Testosterone Explain Racial Differences in Crime?

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    Can Racial Differences in Circulating Testosterone Explain Racial Differences in Crime?

    No. According to the DOJ:

    an estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.
    Assuming levels of testosterone (T) and criminality are perfectly correlated (they're not--the relationship between testosterone and criminality is far from clear even within populations), a third of black males would need to have higher T than all but 6% of white men to explain black-white differences in crime in terms favored by guywhite.

    In reality, large, representative US samples show minimal or no black-white differences in T. Using NHANES III data, Rohrmann et al. find elevated estrogen but not testosterone in black males. A recent reanalysis by Mazur (which Jason Malloy alerted me to), in which Mazur examines the same data but applies no sampling weights, finds slightly elevated T in blacks. Mazur, reviewing the results of his and other studies, nonetheless concludes:
    Despite inconsistencies among studies, all agree that there are no major, general differences in T or SHBG (or calculated BioT) among the ethnic groups that have been studied.
    A glance at Mazur's scatter plots suffices to confirm that, no, 32% of black men do not in fact have higher T than all but 6% of white men.

    Moreover, Mazur finds no racial differences in T among adolescents (consistent with the findings of a larger study of adolescents). So how does guywhite explain differences in criminality between black and white teenagers? How does he explain greater Mexican criminality? How does he explain criminality in sub-Saharan Africa when sub-Saharan Africans average lower T than Westerners? Note that, as I've explained to guywhite repeatedly, why sub-Saharan Africans have lower T is immaterial; the question is how their managing to combine low T and high criminality squares with guywhite's simplistic model of the world.

    Of course environment influences T levels. (McCain supporters "suffered a testosterone crash after Obama's victory became apparent".) Mazur notes that lower rates of marriage and weight gain explain much of the black elevation in T he observes. Black-white T differences increase with age (in Mazur's plots, they appear minuscule before the age of about 30), perhaps due in part to differences in mortality:
    Possibly a high mortality rate among obese black men produces the appearance of stable adiposity (and high T) among black survivors.
    So it's clear differences in circulating testosterone can't explain black-white differences in crime, and unclear that any small black-white differences in circulating T that may exist in a given sample call for some deep (or hilariously shallow in guywhite's case) evolutionary explanation.

    N.B.: There's no evidence here that baseline racial differences in adiposity are caused by (or cause) racial differences in T (no racial differences in T were found among adolescents, and minuscule differences were found among young men). As with criminality, relative leanness seems to characterize both American black and black African males, even though black Africans have markedly lower T. Similarly, elevated estrogen, having been observed in both American blacks and black Africans, seems to be a relatively stable racial feature unrelated to elevated T.

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    I'm glad they don't think it is due to testosterone differences, imagine if the already brainwashed people were told that non-whites commit more crime "just because they happen to have a little more testosterone and it's not their fault!"

    However, I think it is a mix of racial and social reasons, different races seem to think in different ways, and some races think in a way that which makes commiting crime more acceptable to them. Also a reason is because they have no loyalty to the white nations they are in, and don't care about the whites or their society.

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    Reads like another Liberal excuse to be ... Liberals

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