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Thread: Prejudice and "National Shame"

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    Prejudice and "National Shame"

    I'm not quite sure where to put this post. I am posting this partly as an introduction, to share a little bit about myself. And maybe partly to find out if other people have had similar experiences.

    My mother was born in Munich in 1937, and was raised in a foster home while her mother worked. In the foster home, where so many children didn't have fathers they could turn to, she was shown a picture of Hitler and told, "This is your Hilter papa, and he will take care of you."

    She was young, and knew nothing about war crimes or concentration camps. She only knew, because she was told, that he was a father-figure. Someone she could trust and look up to.

    Then, of course, at the age of 8, all of that changed. As she got older, and moved to the U.S. when she was 13, she learned that Hitler had brought shame upon her entire country. And, being a young child, she felt that shame extremely hard. She felt lost and betrayed.

    Now she is in her 70's and lives in New York, and she still experiences prejudice for her German accent, and she still feels the burn of that judgement. She doesn't hate jews, she isn't racist... but it annoys and angers her whenever the stereotypical "evil Nazi" stereotype appears on the television or in the movies. It annoys and angers her every time the name of Hitler is invoked as the "ultimate evil" -- as if he were not a human being, too.

    I've never experienced anti-German prejudice the way that she did, being a German teenager living in the U.S. in the 1950's. But through hearing her story, it makes me sensitive to the issue. And whenever a friend of mine makes a glib comment about Germans, I tell him my mom's story.

    I'll finish this post with a poem that my mom wrote, after having dealt with some prejudice that stirred up these feelings in her:

    It will not go away!

    Today I am German with a vengeance.
    If you get in my way I'll stomp on you!
    My heavy boots will crush you.

    You have hurt me.
    All those of my generation
    once victims, then sometime friends.
    No more!
    Wallowing in your own,
    admittedly great sorrow,
    you have taken it upon yourself
    to deny me any pride in my heritage.

    Now I am Shylock crying:
    "if you cut me, do I not bleed?"
    What makes you think that I,
    born into a world of stress,
    upheaval and destruction
    owe a pound of my precious flesh to you.

    Pointing an accusing finger
    will not reverse history.
    It will not lessen your sorrow.

    But boots are not my every day attire
    and everyone bears burdens.
    So once again,
    I will take up this heavy load:
    the guilt of a disgraced nation!
    and like Sisyphus
    I will push this great and well-worn rock
    Up that steep slope of life.
    Thank you for reading.

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    The poem should have ended with her pulverising the rock with a cannon, and all of Tartaros along with it.

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    I like how people preach tolerance but then discriminate against people for being German. People aren't ashamed of being Russian because of Stalin. People aren't ashamed of being black despite the mass genocide, mutilations and rapes carried out by regimes there. China runs over its own people with army tanks and people aren't ashamed for being Chinese. Israel bulldozes over people's houses with them alive in it but people aren't ashamed for being Jewish. Native Americans attacked and killed white settlers for no reason other than them being white yet no one is ashamed of being Native American. The meso-Americans performed human sacrifice ripping people's hearts out while they are still alive yet no one is ashamed of being Mexican.

    So I ask you where does all this German hate come from? When I was in high school I had a few friends and we all had German heritage and attempted to learn some German. I was interviewed by the school and asked if I was a Nazi or planning to kill anyone. Yet a German exchange student came over here and never spoke German so was left alone. I guess if you are ashamed of being German you are ok.

    But you have to see the multiculturalists are the real ones who hate. They feel inferior so they send their hate to what they see as better. A lot of white supremacists do the same thing they hate Jews because Jews are wealthy and successful.

    I have to go back to Neitzsche on this. Our society is composed of inferior feeling people who thus look out for their own kind: weak, sick, criminal etc. but they go after the strong, smart etc. It's not just race. If you are smart in school you are a Geek and attacked. If you are stupid you are cool and accepted. If you are weak and obese you are "one of us". If you are athletic you are a "jock" and people hate you. If you are ugly same thing "one of us" if you look good people hate you. We live in a sick society and you should do everything possible to oppose it. It is like a cancer or tumor it destroys itself. Such an ideology is good for no one.

    We constantly have movies teaching us to tolerate ugly people and how great they are, to tolerate the retarded and we should be ashamed if we don't, tolerate criminals etc. but how many movies tell us to tolerate the rich, the smart, the beautiful? It's ok to torment them. Steal their wealth and redistribute it. Smash the good looking person's face in. Drag everyone into the sh*t with us rather than rise to their level. That in a nutshell is cultural marxism.

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