Evolution is a constant, in that everyone is an individual with their own unique blend of their mother's and their father's genes, plus whatever original mutations they chanced to acquire. Whether or not these individual differences happen to include any significant new features is another question; and whether, if they do happen to include any significant new features, those significant new features will be carried into another generation and propagated far and wide, thus becoming a new evolutionary racial feature, is yet another question.

Little Frankie McGraw gets born with a unique face never seen before because it blended features from his mother and his father in a new composition not seen before in either parent's families. But it is still the result of pre-existing genes passed down. An individual evolution with no significant consequences or new genes.

Little Damian Johnson is born with a genetic mutation that allows him to use echolocation by clicking his tongue and feeling the echoes bouncing off his forehead. He can measure the dimensions of any room he walks into with a single click of his tongue. He finds this very useful, but the gene does not happen to carry on to any of his children, and the ability is lost in the next generation.

Little Tim Sanders is born with a genetic mutation that allows him to hold his breath for up to twenty minutes, even if he physically exerts himself. This makes him an amazing diver and swimmer. It even saves his life when he is in a boating accident. This can easily be recognized as a mutation which could easily be beneficial to an entire race of people. However, Tim is unfortunately eaten by a grizzly bear before he gets a chance to have children, and the mutation is lost.

Little Charlene Pettigrew is born with a mutation that causes her hair to be naturally pigmented a bright shade of green. She grows up to be quite promiscuous and has eighteen children be various men. Six of her children have the same green hair. Three of them have children and two of them grow up to have children with the green hair. But by five generations later the green hair gene stops showing up. The mutation, while spectacular, served no practical survival purpose, and ultimately did not happen to prevail.

Little Kevin Potter is born with a mutation very similar to Tim Sanders'. He happens to love swimming and lives by the ocean. All his children carry the gene and, eventually, a large population covering several towns in the region flourishes. Some eventually develop the ability to hold their breath over even longer periods of time than Kevin originally could. Some individuals and, later, some entire families begin to spend most of their time in the water. Eventually a new species, Homo Aquaticus, emerges.

So, we're always evolving, but sometimes the degree of evolution isn't particularly noticeable or significant. Other times it could be downright astonishing, or vital to the survival of a group.