Galicia (Spain)

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Galicia or Galiza


Main article: History of Galicia The name Galicia comes from the Latin name Gallaecia, associated with the name of the ancient Celtic tribe that resided above the Douro river, the Gallaeci or Callaeci in Latin, and Kallaikoi in Greek (these tribes were mentioned by Herodotus).
Before the Roman invasion, a series of tribes lived in the region, having — according to Strabo, Pliny, Herodotus and others — a similar culture and customs. These tribes appear to have Celtic culture; there is evidence that the last Galician Celtic speaker died in the 15th century.
The region was first entered by the Roman legions under Decimus Junius Brutus in 137136 BC. (Livy lv., lvi., Epitome); but the province was only superficially Romanized in the time of Augustus.
In the 5th century AD invasions, Galicia fell to the Suevi in 411, who formed a kingdom. In 584, the Visigothic King Leovigild invaded the Suebic kingdom of Galicia and defeated it, bringing it under Visigoth control.

Does anyone know which is the most common sub-type in Galicia?
I'm part Irish ( what I know enough about it ) but I'm 25% Galician (my granma is Galician and I'm really interested in them, so there is a some Spanish guys here does anyone know? )