Norwegians most trusting

Among European nations, Norwegians are found to the most trusting, according to the European Social Survey (ESS), - followed by the other Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

In the survey, persons from 30 nations have been asked if most people can be trusted. Four out of five Norwegians say they trust people "on the whole". Only ten per cent say they are sceptical.

- If it is right to call people (Norwegians) naive, or if people here are actually trustful, may be a point of discussion, says researcher Kristine Kolsrud at Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD), which cooperates on the survey with EES.

- We are a well organized homogeneous society with minor differences. We feel to a large extent equally trated, says professor Anders Todal Jensen at NTNU, Norway's technical university.

He points out that the survey is part of serious European research.