The day before yesterday evening, a paraplegic prayed continuously and begged three armed robbers not to abduct his mother and little sister just after they shot his father dead before him.

Mr. Henry Locke (39), an automotive electrician from the Elands game reserve near Cullinan, north-east of Pretoria was shot in the heart and collapsed in his living room where his paralyzed son Dawie (23) lay.

13 year old Monique, a grade 7 student at Cullinan school, recalled how she, her brother and their mother Mrs. Amanda Locke (43), sat in the living room until after 11.00pm talking until the dogs started

barking furiously. Her father was asleep.

“My mother initially tried to quiet the dogs through the window. When she couldn’t quiet them down she took a flashlight and went outside.

“Just as my mother went through the door, a man who apparently was hiding behind the wall by the front door, grabbed her,” Monique said.

At that stage she was right behind her mother and saw how the attacker grabbed her mother and noticed two other attackers rushing upon her.

“I ran into the house to go and wake my dad. When my dad came out of the living room door they shot him in the heart.

“He collapsed by the couch. One of the robbers then told my mom that she had to sit down.

“I sat next to my dad and held him tightly,” Monique said.

“My brother asked the robbers not to take us away or to harm us.

“My mom told the robbers that my brother is paralyzed and that they must not hurt him. She told them that they could take everything.

“They took my mother and brother’s cellphones, a laptop and my mother’s wedding rings from her finger.

The attackers then fled.

Farmer killing fields

“Once they were gone, my mother and I tried to carry my father to the car, but he was too heavy.

Mrs. Locke helped her son into the car and together with both children raced to the neighbours.
After the murder the family packed its belongings and moved to Mrs. Locke’s sister Estelle Maritz who lives on a farm in the Honingnestkrans area, north-west of Pretoria.

Maritz said that the robbers cut two fences to gain access to the property. “They destroyed my sister’s and her children’s lives.

“We don’t want to leave the land. This is our property and our family lives here. Our own homes have become prisons.

It is a pity that her brother-in-law, who was always kind to his fellow human beings, should be murdered like that, Maritz said.

Constable Sally Skosana, police spokesperson said that the suspects were still at large.[Well of course they're still at large! The SAPS are inept, corrupt and lazy.]
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