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Thread: Islam 'Sweden's Biggest Threat': Far-Right Leader

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    Islam 'Sweden's Biggest Threat': Far-Right Leader

    An article by the leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats claiming that Islam is the biggest threat to Sweden since World War II is tantamount to hate speech, according to legal experts.

    A number of jurists believe the text, published in the opinion section of the Aftonbladet newspaper, qualifies as agitation against an ethnic group (hets mot folkgrupp).

    The Sweden Democrats concluded their annual congress on Sunday in the town of Ljungbyhed in Skåne in southern Sweden.

    On Monday, Aftonbladet published an opinion piece by party leader Jimmie Åkesson in which the prominent far-right politician slams Islam.

    According to Åkesson, “today’s multicultural Swedish power-elite are totally blind to the dangers of Islam.”

    He goes on to claim that more than ten Muslim terrorist organizations have established themselves in Sweden, that Sweden has the most rapes in Europe, and that Muslim men are highly overrepresented among the perpetrators.

    “As a Sweden Democrat, I see this as our greatest external threat since World War II and I promise to use all my power to change the trend during next year's election,” writes Åkesson.

    Åkesson’s claims prompted academics and legal experts to draw parallels between the Sweden Democrats and the Nazis.

    “This is the same sort of propaganda as the Nazis' anti-Semitism,” said Jan Hjärpe, an emeritus professor of Islamic Studies at Lund University, to Aftonbladet.

    “This also has racist undertones, because the rhetoric assumes that religious affiliation determines how a person acts.”

    Several leading lawyers who spoke with Aftonbladet believe the article borders on qualifying as agitation against an ethnic group.

    “I think that the Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern - JK) should prosecute it. The article is uniformly directed against and is hateful toward Muslims as a group,” said attorney and media expert Peter Danowsky.

    “To single out an entire religion as the greatest external threat is very close to agitation against an ethnic group,” attorney Peter Althin told Aftonbladet.

    “A tough jury assessing the boundaries of free speech would condemn this article. It’s an expression of disrespect towards Muslims as a group,” said Per Hultengård, a lawyer with the Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association (Tidningsutgivarna).

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    “This also has racist undertones, because the rhetoric assumes that religious affiliation determines how a person acts.”
    It is comforting to know that our post-war social regimes have brought only the finest retards into positions of higher education.

    That people tend to act according to their beliefs should be self-evident to anyone who is not a professional hypocrite. This "assumption" is very much the opposite of racism, and that is also what can be criticised about Sverigedemokraterna.

    The issue is not whether they behave well or not, it is that we are forced to work for the success of foreign people at the expense of our own people, and it is that we are deprived of states that uniquely embody our own ethnic groups.

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    I think he has the wrong focus, even though islam is a big threat, its the politicians in Sweden that decides to let in this hordes of people.

    "Make strong old dreams lest our world lose heart." -Ezra Pound

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    Here som articles about it.

    The party leaders: "Terrible!"

    Party leader says Åkesson debate article

    The party leaders are critical of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson debate article in Aftonbladet today.

    Here are their comments.

    Mona Sahlin, the Social Democrats: "Deeply xenophobic"

    She thinks it was right by the Times to publish Jimmy Åkesson article.

    - It shows that SD is not an ordinary party but deeply xenophobic, "she told Aftonbladet.

    Göran Hägglund, the Christian Democrats: "Light of my humanity"

    - I am sorry that this can be written in Sweden in the 2000s. This is one course back to categorize people in a terrible way. Some people are worth more than others, some people should frighten us and to show our disgust against.

    - This view of human beings is light years from my own and I would like to see it did not exist in the 2000s.

    - While I am extremely upset about that at a place like this underhand way he stacks things at each other without any particular under construction. Just as one can draw Christians over a comb or people who are Jews, a comb, nor can we of course do so with the Muslims.

    Lars Ohly, Left: "A racist rubbish"

    - Notebook article is written by a leader of a sect, that's my reaction. There is no doubt that it is racist, in the sense that he lumps in hop people generalize and say that they have some hidden agendas. That Muslims in general are in a certain way, it's a racist attitude.

    - But I have every hope that SD will be held outside the parliament, especially if Jimmie Åkesson continues to produce this kind of racist nonsense, "he told Aftonbladet.

    Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Moderator: "The core of the party's idea"

    He argues that Jimmie Åkesson (SD) article is speaking of what the Sweden Democrats want to achieve.

    - This is the core of the party idea. We have spent a whole weekend trying to make it as they have different interests. They have not.

    They have an interest, and it make a difference in people, creating an us-and-they-thinking, cast suspicion on those who are "they", and thus lay the foundation for a policy where "they" will start sending out or rejected , "he said.

    - Any attempt by those in power to identify the right religion, or nationality law, the right sexual orientation has always ended in horror.

    Maria Wetterstrand, Green Party: "Absolutely no collaboration"

    - This is a classic right wing rhetoric: to paint the group as a great enemy that will take over. The same approach has been used previously in history in many quarters as an argument to restrict the rights of certain groups of people. And of course it is not okay, "she says.

    The Green Party has already ruled that it will not cooperate with the Sweden Democrats:

    - Absolutely not. Not on any terms. Where we have red-green has been very clear - that we are not prepared to form a government in which we are dependent on support from the Sweden Democrats, "she says.

    Maud Olofsson, Center Party: "Terrible"

    - I think it is terrible. Have they learned nothing from history? This singling out groups and stigmatize them as they do, was exactly what happened to the Jews at one time.

    - It only shows the horrible sight they have on individuals and that respect for the individual and all people have equal value does not apply where the consignment. And that's just as well that explains it.

    She says she would be happy to debate with SD:

    - They are not supposed to become martyrs and pretend we are other parties and the establishment is anti-establishment. It is their greatest desire that they should be in that position and I will not let them do

    Jan Bjorklund, Liberal Party: "distasteful tone"

    He would not allow themselves to be interviewed on the SD article without leaving just a written comment:

    "To whip up hatstämning against certain groups in Sweden can only lead to divisions in our society increases. Tone is distasteful."
    Eva Shrubs
    Kerstin Danielsson
    Joachim Kerpner
    Mira Micic
    Partiledarna: ”Förfärligt!” | Nyheter | Aftonbladet

    "Tomorrow, we review Åkesson facts"
    Read the entire chat here

    3 830 people were chatting with Aftonbladet editor on today's SD debate.

    2 185 questions were asked.

    - It says something about the commitment of the issue, says Jan Helin.

    Mohamed says: what was your intention when you took the decision to publish the article?

    Jan Helin says: The intention was to get a text from the Sweden Democrats, which clearly shows their values and views of the question that drives the whole lot. Thus, immigration in general and Islam in particular.

    WICKZ says: Do you see any danger in releasing this article?

    Jan Helin says: I trust that readers can consider the text as it is. But it was important for me to explain why we publish a text that the lawyers could be hate speech.

    Mange says: I thought you had no intention of NOT advertise SD Why do you give them this attention? It is well not news that the SD is Islamophobia and racist, but it is precisely the questions that they are taking votes on.

    Jan Helin says: It is right that I will not publish paid advertising for the Sweden Democrats. The reason is that I do not want to make me a part of their propaganda that aims to wash away the stigma from the extremist party. Sverigedemorkaterna trying to sell itself as a party that has the same values and vision of Astrid Lindgren. That is their advertising and rhetoric out. I do not want to publish. But I think it is important to publish their opinions, what they actually stand for. It is the difference between paid advertising and a debattext.

    Hibo88 says: This will either reduce or lift the SD. what do you think Jan?

    Jan Helin says: I really do not know. I find it difficult to assess. Some readers say thanks for that, we show that the Sweden Democrats are a deeply xenophobic party. Others say thanks for saying that they are so angry at how "elite" deals with the Sweden Democrats that they now intend to vote for them. That may be true that they want to be martyrs and profiting from it. But I can not see that it will receive direct examination of them.

    Frederick says: Why can not you respond to facts with facts without referring to xenophobia and 'hidden agendas'?

    Jan Helin says: I want to demonstrate that the Sweden Democrats are trying to get you to believe that their Sweden is that Astrid Lindgren when they speak and advertise themselves. When they speak plainly in the discussion text will be a hard xenophobia forward which I think is important to show. Sweden Sweden Democrats are far from Astrid Lindgren's humanism. SD's Sweden is an intolerant society where the alien always defined as a threat. There is no queue Bullerby.

    DAN says: there should be a level playing field for all? Thus, the SD should also get to advertise with you? Otherwise, do as you are you into and affect. You must welding cara impartial? or?

    Jan Helin says: Sveridemokraterna is not a party, among others. They have their roots in the Swedish neo-Nazism and the dark brown national movement. There are historical links to both the Nordic National Party retained Sweden Swedish. They have an anti-democratic values. I take the liberty as a publisher to relate myself to it. My goal is to show that. Advertising objective is to get Sweden Democrats to be a party, among others.

    Maj-Britt says: Thank you for publishing this from the death of racist SD. The article really shows that they are the future Nazi Party. Now the question: will you continue to "take up the debate" with SD?

    Jan Helin says: Yes, I will continue to raise debate. It's a tightrope to walk. There is a limit which magnifies a subject. I do not see it yet. Right now we are in a position where opinion polls show that we have the Sweden Democrats in parliament next year.

    Pixeldope says: Aftonbladet has closed down all opportunities to comment on SD Articles that you have done. Are you afraid of what ordinary Swedish people think and that is just what the so-called experts think that counts?

    Jan Helin says: Yes. But there is tremendous pressure on the forums on this issue. We must be moderate innläggen because a small proportion of those who write engaging in trying to write one racist message after another in our forums. It is quite tiring, but probably also reflects a reality.

    John says: Hello January Do not you think it is problematic that the "quote" in the article title is not at all something Akesson said, but a result of Aftonbladet's own title planting? It is headed by notifiers Center Against Racism strongest opposing.

    Jan Helin says: It's stupid that the quotes are from the title. But there is no doubt that what is said in the title is the spirit of the article. The title has certainly supported by the text.

    hà ¥ ¥ llekà lle says: Can you somehow get an SD-free Aftonbladet?

    Jan Helin says: We will not publciera their ads. But as long as they are part of a Swedish political reality, we will report on them and let them debate.

    Calle says: Why do you so uncritical of the other party's criticism of SD? They are talking, after all, entirely in their own interest, and is hardly interested in fostering a newcomer to SD, right?

    Jan Helin says Calle, why on earth would someone not SD: are to favor them because they are a newcomer? Politics is about values and beliefs. What we believe.

    Jens says: Hi Jan! How do you think the media's general attitude to surveillance of SD has changed? Your decision to publish Åkesson debate article must of course also be seen as a watershed event publishing in Sweden. Was it a difficult decision to take?

    Jan Helin says: Yes, it was a difficult decision. But I think it was important. On the same day that we publish this article Daily News a leader who says that the Sweden Democrats are becoming a normal party. It demonstrates the need for a successful development of what they actually stand for. The usual news reporting has been difficult for it in all media. It becomes like unnecessarily tendentious or concern over the gloss. Therefore, I thought that the best way to show what the Sweden Democrats are for each party to get them to say it themselves, without filters.

    Wititzy says: When did you examine the other parties as much as SD?

    Jan Helin says: Oh, we will graska the other parties a lot more. The key political issue in Sweden is actually not the Sweden Democrats. You may just get the impression these days that when in the limelight. The big movement in the Swedish policy is that we had two clear blocks of the Alliance and the red-green. The review we have seen a lot more over time.

    Ipre Dia says: Hey you Johnny, why is Aftonbladet and you so afraid to let the views not in line with your / your?

    Jan Helin says: I think this was a rather strange question just today when I decided to publish an opinion piece which many believe is the incitement of hatred.

    WICKZ says: What are the planning of future articles of SD?

    Jan Helin says: There are no such plans.

    Atlas says: What should we do to stop all racism?

    Jan Helin says: You should celebrate difference, to be tolerant, to realize that you do not like all, but that the border is not parallel to human race or religion. Not be right to talk to people from different cultures are different and that problems arise when trying to live together. But also see that the most fascinating is how well they are doing, not how much trouble it is. Celebrate pluralism. See how places like New York and London get things working. Vive la difference! Type ...

    Gustav says: Hey, why valer you to publish an article which can be interpreted as incitement to racial hatred and the like?

    Jan Helin says: In order to clearly show what the Sweden Democrats stand for. Consider the following: We have a party that is about to enter parliament as when they write a line of text of its policies fall into hate speech. It is a serious situation that I by publishing their text to clarify.

    Jeppe says: Hey! Super that you show up SDS inform me. But why do not you call for more clarity from the other parties if the current is actually going to collaborate with SD or not it would be such a situation. Far from everyone has made it clear on their position.

    Jan Helin says: Thanks! I agree with you, Jeppe, it is an important journalistic task now seeking responses from all parties how they tnker relate to the Sweden Democrats. I think there are many who want to know it before they vote.

    W says: I do not vote on the SD but I must ask, why consider themselves Aftonbladet have to act as babysitter for the Swedish people? Is not it better to play down the situation and explain how things are instead of continually allowing the SD to settle for martyr status by the media "works against" the party?

    Jan Helin says: I see no value in playing down the situation is quite dramatic. But of course you're right in that there is a touch of horror Swedish journalists against the Sweden Democrats. I think it has to do with Sweden Democrats not only account for a range of views that can be deductible or not deductible. They represent an entirely different values than the other parties. A values that are intolerant and exclusive.

    PÃ ¥ hl says: Should not you, newspapers defend tryckfrihetsfriordningen most? Why do not you people themselves decide what they think of it?

    Jan Helin says: That's what we do.

    OP says: Hi Jan, How will it say that it is only in your newspaper that we publish articles of this nature? What is the pursuit of serious and interesting journalism? Sincerely OP

    Jan Helin says: I troir that there are so many of the other newspapers think the question is objectionable and want to do as little as possible. It is extremely easy to pedal in piano when going out in the paw lands. I think it is an interesting and serious journalism to show what the Sweden Democrats stand for. Tomorrow we will examine the facts of Jimmie Åkesson debate article.

    Sovereign said: Hi, January How should we best respond to SD? Apparently it's not directly worked to treat them like a regular party, and by ignoring them, they give themselves a martyr status. What do you think is the best way?

    Jan Helin says: I think the best way is to let them make their arguments so that we can review them. Opinion article is an excellent start for such journalism. Since I believe it is important to show that SD is not an ordinary party. One way to do this is to not publish their advertising, for example. It raises questions and start discussion.

    Jan Helin says: Thank you all for a very interesting discussion. We were 3 800 contained in this chat forum tonight. It says something about the commitment of the issue. Tomorrow we move into the review of the Sweden Democrats. Good evening! / Jan Helin
    ”I morgon granskar vi Åkessons fakta” | Nyheter | Aftonbladet

    "Feared people believe in Åkesson"

    Anna-Lena Lodenius about why some agree with Jimmie Åkesson

    Professor Jan Hjärpe find Jimmie Åkesson Article nasty and racist. But several of Aftonbladet's readers agree with the Sweden Democrats' party leader. Any author Anna-Lena Lodenius think is scary.

    - Logic and facts do not bite. They believe that there is a hidden truth and Åkesson is the right person to reveal it, "says Anna-Lena Lodenius.

    Today Aftonbladet published an opinion piece by the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson. Reactions from the outside world were not long in coming. Other media, blogs and comment box was filled quickly by angry voices. In more than 1,000 comments on debated issues of democracy, racism and freedom of expression.

    Some readers think that Aftonbladet has done wrong that sounds Åkesson be heard, others think it is good to pull the Sweden Democrats xenophobic views in the light. Many readers believe in democracy and freedom of expression name that it is time to Sd are allowed to express their views. Other rages over giving increased legitimacy to what they perceive as a racist society and dangerous party.

    Professor Jan Hjärpe has analyzed the debate this article and find it nasty and racist, but there are many who think that Åkesson is right. Writer and journalist Anna Lena Lodenius think it is problematic that so many seem to agree with Åkesson.

    - Then you do not understand what this is about at all. Islam as a religion and Muslims are not a uniform group that he would have us believe. This is classic rhetoric to create a sense of we and them and create scapegoats, "she says.

    Unwarranted fear and ignorance

    She believes that the reason Sverigedomokraternas views win favor with certain groups stems from an unwarranted fear of the alien. Ignorance, and the need to have a clear external threats are other reasons.

    - In the past, xenophobic forces focused on immigrants in general. Invective that svartskalle, blue We are referring to a large group who had to represent "the other". When it is no longer room even to find a new threat to Muslims as a group.

    The reason that Åkesson rhetoric works in 2009, she thinks it depends on many things. The first is a large proportion of immigrants who came to Sweden from the Muslim part of the world. They are also easier to identify as different as they are symbols that are perceived as undesirable as mosques and veils. Annalena Lodenius also believe that a major reason that Muslims be singled out as scapegoats in Sweden is that the xenophobic tendencies in Europe, now spread here.

    - Holland, Belgium and Denmark already have that problem. Ever since 2001, views have spread and gained ground and now it becomes clear even here at home.

    That people react strongly to it that feels alien is so emotionally driven behavior that logic no longer bites, "says Lodenius.

    - They believe that there is a hidden agenda, to censor the media and the authorities blinds statistics. Facts do not bite at these people and it does not make sense to push the debate further.

    The fear will disappear

    Instead, she believes that fear of Muslims come to die when you come to expect and can see the whole picture.

    - Secular Muslims seem to not really exist in these people's world view. Neither those who do not use the veil, or those who have fled fundamentalist regimes in order to obtain a safe haven in Sweden.

    Lodenius is clear that one had to criticize the fundamentalist branches of Islam. It is when one lumps them together with the secular part of Islam and demonizing an entire group of which it becomes dangerous.

    Linda Cederberg
    Readers' views

    "Can someone explain what xenophobia is really 'I want to say that all is xenophobic, because honestly given, we are all a little cautious when we meet new people. We may of course itutat us that Swedes are the most xenophobic in the world which of course we are not too in that case would we do not accept so many immigrants. Those who are xenophobic 's Court immigrants who do not want to participate in our society and embrace our rules, laws, gender equality and to take on that all are equal worthy of our country, but based on a religion which they believe is anywhere else. The immigrants who opts out and does not "want to take the custom which they will" it is those who are xenophobic to the wish not intgrate in Swedish society. "

    "Sweden will also sink into the morass of hate? Lynch bullies are piling up to go out and hacking Muslims. It was a typical Swedish namely extreme tolerance is replaced by a musty smell from a bygone era. Would SD come to power in Sweden, we have an Dark Age of isolation from the outside world, violence, economic decline and ultimately tyranny. "

    "It's awfully good by the Times to take on Jimmie debate article. Why? Well, not that it is rational, relevant, or has something on his feet, but on the contrary. Most, according to current measurements of at least 96.3% of the Swedish population, are rational enough to see through the paper thin propaganda. Jimmie lies, it's really not more of it - and this from the party that claims to be the most honest. SD fishes not only in troubled waters - they jump in with clothes on. You can not argue rationally with a fundamentally irrational opponent, the best thing to do is show the public how idiotic arguments is if you actually watch them. "

    "No one dares to debate with the Sweden Democrats and discuss how to solve the integration problem. It will be the electoral arrangements in 2010 and make the SD, a vågmästarroll the election in 2010. Do you really Sahlin would waive the ability to govern? There is an imminent risk to the 2010 election becomes smoother than ever, and none of the blocks may own majority. One scenario that is becoming more and more likely. "
    ”Rädda människor tror på Åkesson” | Debatt | Aftonbladet

    Reinfeldt: We need to promote tolerance

    The prime minister critical of Jimmie Åkesson debate article in Aftonbladet

    Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (M) believe that Jimmie Åkesson (SD) article is speaking of what the Sweden Democrats want to achieve.

    - This is the core of the party idea. We have spent a whole weekend trying to make it as they have different interests. They have not. They have an interest, and it make a difference in people, creating an us-and-they-thinking, cast suspicion on those who are "they", and thus lay the foundation for a policy where "they" will start sending out or rejected , Reinfeldt said at an informal press conference at the University of Gothenburg, which he visited on Monday morning.
    "Tensions in the Swedish society"

    - Any attempt by those in power to identify the right religion, or nationality law, the right sexual orientation has always ended in horror. For once it is made practical politics of that approach, starting a breakdown of people who are never going to deal with, nor is desirable. It is the consequence, by extension, of the Jimmie Åkesson describes.

    - I believe in a completely different choices. I recognize that there are tensions in Swedish society, rooted in different ideologies and different religious beliefs. But for me can never be any conclusion other than that we rather have to work on enhancing tolerance, curiosity among people with slightly different starting points, "said Reinfeldt.
    'Mutual respect'

    The Prime Minister also said that he was not willing to lead a government that governs with the support of the Sweden Democrats.

    - As Prime Minister, I have acted to encourage the Muslims, Christians, non-believers in Sweden to live side by side in mutual respect, because I believe more in such a society. It is such a society I want to see my children grow up in.
    Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldts attack mot Sverigedemokraterna efter Jimmie Åkessons debattartikel | Nyheter | Aftonbladet

    Aftonbladet reported for hate speech

    Five individuals behind the complaints

    Aftonbladet has today reported four times the Chancellor of Justice for hate speech to debate the article of Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

    Behind the notifications are five individuals, state registrar for the Chancellor of Justice.

    - We must look at these complaints and then it's the Chancellor of Justice to decide, "says Anna Arvidsson, clerks at JK.

    Aftonbladet published today an opinion piece by the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson where he talks about the party's view on Muslims and Muslim immigration.

    Lawyers who Aftonbladet spoken with believe that the article might be incitement to racial hatred.
    "Would definitely not publish"

    - I would definitely not publish this article. It can be interpreted as incitement to racial hatred and I think that JK would prosecute it, "said lawyer Peter Danowsky.

    Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin explained the decision to publish the debate article in today's newspaper:

    - The (discussion article) speaks undoubtedly clear. Of utgivarskäl we contacted several of the country's leading experts in the press and expression in order to go through the article. Many of them discourage me from publishing Jimmie Åkesson text. They feel that I as the editor can be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred that I publish it. I take the risk, and publishes today debate the article, writes Helin.

    - Jimmie Åkesson text is important because it very clearly shows the value bases of the batch which is about to enter the Swedish parliament is based. You might think that his opinions are right or wrong. But today's debate article gives you an opportunity to consider the Sweden Democrats, write Helin.
    "Not an obvious incitement to racial hatred"

    A clerk at the JK will now look at the complaints and then Chancellor of Justice Goran Lambertz to decide on a possible criminal investigation be launched.

    Lambertz said earlier today, told TT that he did not spontaneously come to initiate an investigation in response to Aftonbladet's publication of Ake's opinion piece:

    - This is not an obvious incitement to racial hatred. Had it been there, so I had self-initiated an investigation. But I will probably get complaints about the article and then I look at it.
    David Nannini Nilsson
    Aftonbladet anmält för hets mot folkgrupp | Nyheter | Aftonbladet

    Sweden Democrats for the same fight that Astrid Lindgren. It claimed the party secretary Bear South on Saturday.

    Today, says party leader Jimmie Åkesson in an article that people from Muslim countries are the biggest threat to Sweden since the Second World War.

    Leading lawyers say that the debate this article can be hate speech.

    Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin has nevertheless decided to publish it and claim that it is more important than ever to clarify the Sweden Democrats' real views and how they differ from the party's advertising.
    "This is pure racism '

    "AS NAZI PROPAGANDA" The debate goes hand Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson today in heavy attacks against Islam. Now, he met with opposition from both Muslim Council of islamprofiessorn Jan Hjärpe. "The article has racist undertones, because it assumes that religion is crucial to how people act," says Hjärpe.
    Photo: Björn Lindgren / Scanpix

    The professor saw the SD's opinion piece: It is really nasty

    In a debate article in Aftonbladet today painting party leader Jimmie Åkesson out Muslims as the greatest foreign threat since World War II.

    - This is the same type of propaganda that the Nazi anti-Semitism, "said Jan Hjärpe, professor of Islamic studies.

    The last SIFO poll may be the Sweden Democrats 4.7 percent of voter support. It would, if the election were held today, giving the party seat in parliament.

    In a television debate a few weeks ago asking Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson himself explaining his views on immigration in a debate article.

    Aftonbladet publishes Jimmie Åkesson article today. It is a harsh attack on Islam.

    He writes, inter alia, that a dozen Islamic terrorist organizations are based in Sweden. That Sweden would have the largest number of rapes in Europe. And that Muslim men would be highly overrepresented among the perpetrators.

    Vice-Chairman of the Swedish Muslim Council, Mostofa Kharraki, becomes very upset when he hears Jimmie Åkesson reasoning.

    - This is pure hate and nothing else. It is hate speech and can not be interpreted as anything other than sheer racism, "he says.
    "It's a lie"

    Jan Hjärpe, professor emeritus of Islamic studies, says that much of the argument based on false allegations.

    - It is more dubious claims. And it would have ten terror organizations in Sweden, in short, a lie.

    Jan Hjärpe, draws parallels to the Nazi anti-Semitism.

    - It's the same type of propaganda. This is also racist undertones, because this rhetoric implies that religion is crucial to how people act. This is clearly hate speech. This is really, really scary, "said Jan Hjärpe.

    Jimmie Åkesson concludes the article with an election promise.

    "As Sverigedemokrat I see this as our biggest foreign threat since World War II and I promise to do everything in my power to reverse the trend when we go to the polls next year."

    The Swedish press freedom and freedom of speech laws are generous. But together, the data may be considered in this article aim to despise Muslims as a group and constitute incitement to racial hatred, according to several experts.
    "Perceived as a threat"

    - It addressed uniformly and hateful towards Muslims as a group, "says Peter Danowsky, law and media law expert.

    - He was lining up negative statements about Muslims. The context is disregarded. It is not better because he concludes by promising that he will do everything in his power to reverse the trend. I would perceive as a threat, "says publisher lawyer Per Hultegård.
    Kristina Edblom
    Mattias Carlsson

    Europe miserably to respond to right-wing extremists

    Silent kill them did not work.

    Now trying to Europe's established political parties to find new ways to deal with right-wing extremists.

    The result? Miserably so far.

    When the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders in February trying to enter the UK he was stopped by the British authorities. Wilders was not welcome because of his anti-Muslim views.

    Britain's action meant that Wilders received much attention in the media. For many, he was presented as a martyr who was persecuted for his views sake.

    At the end of last week flew Wilders again to Heathrow. This time, let the British into him. Wilders could reach the Parliament building in Westminster where he planned to make a speech but was hampered by Muslim counter-demonstrators.

    Yet it was a victory for him and the dark forces.

    Wilders case describes the established parties dilemma. How will they manage to stop the progress of right-wing extremists? In which bones should I be?

    To suppress their views do not work in today's Internet world where the possibilities of reaching out is so much bigger. Tiger normal media kill them it will be only a confirmation of the right wing conspiracy theories.

    In many countries, they are so large that they have a democratic mandate.

    Open meet their opinions?

    A new tactic so far seems not to work. The far right has become very adept at arguing and often try to hide their true agenda. Sweden Democrats is just one example of it.

    In addition, states these lots than one close by many. There are people who are afraid of Muslims is about to take over the world, or that foreigners are taking their jobs. The fear is not easy to argue away. Especially in times of economic crisis and general insecurity.

    Anders Widfeldt, an expert on right-wing movements at the University of Aberdeen has a theory about how the right-wing benefit.

    - The less difference there is between the established right-and left-wing parties, the better breeding ground for right-wing extremism, "he says. But if they are successful or not also depends on the charismatic leader is and how well the political message is packaged. A panacea to combat them are not.

    To adapt is a common tactic.

    In practice, what is happening across Europe. Established parties takes tougher stance against immigrants and Muslims. By picking up some of their views of society hopes to pull the rug right-wing extremists.

    During the last elections to the Parliament managed to France's Nicolas Sarkozy to stop Len Pen and the National Front's success by taking a hard line against immigrants. He also spoke very negatively about burkan, a veil which almost completely covers a woman's face, and said that it was not welcome in France.

    While right-wing extremists went up sharply across Europe so they went back in France.

    But for the price of that society embracing ideas that had previously fought so hard.

    What then is gained?


    The right-wing and right-populist parties in Europe is a diverse collection of which differ quite a lot. One thing they have in common, hostility to immigrants and refugees.

    Here are some of Europe's extreme right-wing parties.

    United Kingdom:

    GDP, with the British National Party Nick Griffin as leader. Got two seats at the European elections. First time been elected to any assembly. GDP is now forced to make even non-white membership.


    Freedom Party led by Geert Wilders. Became the second largest party in the European elections. Equating the Koran with Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf".


    Jobbik with the leader Gabor Vona. Received 15 percent of the EU elections. Want to have special police to protect citizens against crime and Roma.


    Northern League leader Umberto Bossi with. Anti-immigrant. Sit in Parliament as a support party for Silvio Berlusconi.


    Attack with Volan Siderov as a leader. To prohibit any language other than Bulgarian and foreign ownership.


    Vlaams Belang, formerly the Vlaams Block. Want an independent Flemish state. Anyone who wants to get there must be clear Flemish language and culture test in their home country first.


    National Front of Le Pen. Lost something. Inside the generational change which Mr Le Pen's daughter Marine is likely to be new leader.


    Danish People's Party. The leader Pia Kjaersgaard has skillfully "forcing" the other parties to become more anti-immigrant.


    Progress Party with Siv Jensen. Recently made a rekordval in Norway where they received 22.8 percent and became the largest conservative party. Have more comprehensive policies than most anti-immigrant parties and is considered more moderate.


    Now has two competing right-wing parties FPÖ and BZO. In total they received over 28 per cent in parliamentary elections last year. Tidibgare right populist leader Joerg Haider killed in car accident last year.


    SVP with strong man Christoph Blocher. Received 29 percent of the vote in recent elections. Sitting in the government but also shaken by internal divisions.


    Slovak National Party. Received 19 percent of the vote in European elections, but turnout was extremely low. Are against immigrants in general and Gypties in particular.

    BRÅ: the data do not match

    Expert: It's completely wrong

    Sweden Democrats party leader Jimmie Åkesson says that Sweden has the most rapes in Europe.

    There is no substance to the allegation, according to Clara Hradilova Selin, investigators at the Crime Prevention Council, fine.

    - It is completely wrong, "she says.

    In an opinion article by Jimmie Åkesson published in Aftonbladet today claiming Sweden Democrats party leader that "Sweden would have the largest number of rapes in Europe and the Muslim men would be highly overrepresented among the perpetrators."

    But there is no fog on the allegations, according to Klara Selin Hradilova with good.
    "The last thing you can use"

    - We have the largest notified rape in Europe, and we think that's good - it indicates that more than in many other countries dare go to the police, "she says.

    - How it looks with the actual number of rapes, nobody knows. It is such a serious hidden crime that only a minimal fraction of all sexual offenses reported to police. If you want to compare between different countries is the last one can use the number of recorded crimes, it is totally different and based on different mathematical method in different countries, "she says.

    According to the International Crime Victims Survey, ICVS - a survey asking people about their exposure to various crimes - Sweden is close to Europe's average in the case of sexual offenses.

    - 2.1 percent say they have been subjected to sexual crimes in Sweden, compared to European average of 1.9 percent, says Hradilova Selin.
    "Adoption is based on prejudice"

    The difference of 0.2 percentage points is statistically insignificant, "she says.

    - It is not significant, says Hradilova Selin.

    Regarding the indication that "Muslim men would be highly overrepresented among the perpetrators," said Selin Hradilova:

    - How do you know that? Have you seen any research on it? It is not me, "she says.

    Aftonbladet have sought in vain Jimmie Åkesson for a comment.
    David Nannini Nilsson

    clarifies the lot value bases Today Aftonbladet published an opinion piece by the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson (pictured). It can be as high jurists express incitement of hatred, but the chief editor Jan Helin has nevertheless chosen to publish the article. Jimmie Åkesson text is important because it very clearly shows the value bases of the batch which is about to enter the Swedish parliament is based.

    Photo: Jerker IVARSSON

    Åkesson shows his true self

    At the weekend, the Sweden Democrats country days. Today we publish an opinion piece in which the party leader Jimmie Åkesson speak plainly in the question that drives the party. The perception of people from other cultures in general and Islam in particular.

    The article is the result of a televised debate in which I asked Jimmie Åkesson to leave this very subject. My intention was to produce a text which actually is about the singling out Sweden Democrats from other parties. A text in which they demonstrate their values and argue for it.

    The need for this became all the more evident on Saturday. The party secretary Björn Söder is marketing from the pulpit Astrid Lindgren's book The Brothers Lionheart by Sweden Democrats' political vision. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson Bullerbyn praised as a beautiful depiction of the old Sweden. The Noisy Village is a beautiful picture of Sweden in the past is certainly a majority of the Swedish people agree.

    But leading Democrats' policy of Sweden that Sweden is in Astrid Lindgren's books?

    Or is it that the party is adept at marketing a appetizing picture of his xenophobic agenda?

    Last Friday, I was Jimmie Åkesson debate article. The talk certainly clear. Of utgivarskäl we contacted several of the country's leading experts in the press and expression in order to go through the article.

    Many of them discourage me from publishing Jimmie Åkesson text. They feel that I as the editor can be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred that I publish it.

    I take the risk, and publishes today debate the article.

    Jimmie Åkesson text is important because it very clearly shows the value bases of the batch which is about to enter the Swedish parliament is based. You might think that his opinions are right or wrong. But today's debate article gives you an opportunity to consider the Sweden Democrats.

    You should share the values Jimmie Åkesson up if you give him your vote. You should agree with him that Islam is the greatest threat to Sweden since the Second World War and that we must do what it takes to stop this threat.

    I took it for just over a month since the decision not to publish advertisements from the Sweden Democrats.

    There was a heavily criticized decision. I was stopping Sweden Democrats' right to freedom of expression. It did not help that I testified that I did not intend to stop their opinions in Aftonbladet. On the contrary, told me that we are going to publish opinion articles from the Sweden Democrats and report on them on the news site.

    The basis for my decision was instead this:

    I would not make me a part of the Sweden Democrats' very clever campaign to wash away their stamp as a xenophobic, extremist party by posting their advertising. I will not receive money to carry advertising shade Sweden Democrats' values and history. Not in my name.

    My argument was for a few days as much chance as a snowball in hell. It was much more exciting to say that Aftonbladet stops free speech than to address my actual arguments.

    They bit more fine debaters was concerned that I help to make the Sweden Democrats into martyrs, thus increasing sympathy for them.

    What's the squeamish? Are publishers afraid of making Sweden Democrats to refrain from martyrs to have an attitude?

    That if something is good to falter in the belief in free speech. Would we Swedes have such an unbridled desire to support the martyrs that we like to fuck would vote for the Sweden Democrats?

    I do not believe in it. The Sweden Democrats I talked to in recent weeks is rather preoccupied with the idea that if only Muslims disappeared from the country so can the Swedish welfare state re-emerge and become everything as usual.

    I might not be ready to die for Jimmie Åkesson right to express their views. But I'm willing to risk being convicted of crimes for his right to free speech when he writes of his heart within.

    Other publishers are making it easier for themselves. Well aware of the Sweden Democrats' roots in the Swedish neo-Nazism and the historic anti-democratic national movement will evaluate their message in paid advertising on a case by case basis.

    It is comfortable, unwittingly and loose attitude.

    Convenient to the shooting issue forward. Unwittingly to a decision to stop the individual message really threaten to make them into martyrs, over and over again. Loose the attitude that it makes itself into a passively float in history, dark-brown streams flowing back into the present age.

    On Friday it was announced that TV4 intends to do business with Sweden Democrats at a value of several million.

    - It is nice to parties now come to us and want to advertise, there are also positive for the debate, "said TV4's communications director Gunnar Gidefeldt to Swedish Dagbladet.

    Aftonbladet time by today's publication of the debate the article to clarify what values TV 4 and all other media decides to publish advertisements from the party helps to normalize.

    In the 2002 elections, it was obvious to all Swedish media not to publish advertisements from the Sweden Democrats. Election in 2006 chose several major media continued to not publish their ads. Today, three years later, I stand with Aftonbladet left alone at a position that does not receive money to carry their advertising.

    What do you think has happened? Sweden Democrats have changed their values, or Swedish publishers have changed their attitude to their values at a similar pace as the party received money?

    Read Jimmie Åkesson debate article and respond to what the difference is between the Sweden Democrats from 2002 and the same party today. I see none. I only see a shift in public opinion. And publishers who suddenly says that it is important that the Sweden Democrats will have to buy advertising to give their views on child benefits and other things that do not express the party's real message of strangers as a threat.

    It is an approach for my thoughts to a sylvass replica of his contemporaries from Killinggänget piece of plays right now:

    "Is Nazism bad? Then I wonder if you are really familiar with Nazi ideas about health care, education and care. "

    Sweden Democrats are not for Nazism today. Neither of Astrid Lindgren's humanism. So what are they for? Read Jimmie Åkesson debate article and ponder.
    Jan Helin

    4 lawyers on Åkesson debate article

    PETER Danowsky, law and media law experts:

    - I would definitely not publish this article. It can be interpreted as incitement to racial hatred and I think that JK would prosecute it. The article addressed uniformly and hateful towards Muslims as a group.

    Peter Althin, Aftonbladet's attorney:

    - Here, I would advise against publishing. Some of the allegations are in all cases very close to hate speech, singling out an entire religion and a religious movement as the greatest foreign threat is close to hate speech.

    PER HULTENGÅRD, Lawyer, Newspaper:

    - A string freedom of the press jury could trap this article. It is an expression of contempt against Muslims as a group. The individual claims individually is permitted in our generous laws but lined on each other, it will be disregarded. Especially as he concludes by writing that he will do "everything in its power to reverse the trend." It can be seen as a threat.

    Josef Zila, a professor of criminal justice:

    - This is far from hate speech, I think it falls within freedom of expression. There is a significant difference when compared with Pastor Ake Green's statements. It must have a different magnitude, hate speech, it will be if one particular properties in a generalized way that is meant to create disrespect of a group.

    Dark racism are to grow strong in Europe. "Sweden for the Swedes and the Swedes to Sweden", chanted, it was on SD's national congress this weekend.
    Photo: Jerker IVARSSON

    Sweden may be better than that

    Autumn 2009 are being persecuted and murdered Roma in Hungary. In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi called the undocumented for a "evil army" and the Lega Nord party leaders have promised chasing the Roma out of the country with guns. In Denmark, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and France have been any attempt to move towards the xenophobic only led to strengthened the extremists - the obsession with all that alien and inability to solve real social problems.
    Easy to be reached with

    In Hungary, the black boots of Jobbik movement once the country's third largest party. And the British Tories (Winston Churchill's old party) to cooperate in the EP, including "Fatherland and Freedom" (a movement that celebrates the Latvian Waffen SS).

    "Sweden for the Swedes and the Swedes to Sweden!" Chanted Sweden Democrats' party secretary, Björn Söder at the party congress this weekend.

    "For the people and country. Next year is our first battle! "Cried Youth League chairman Erik Almqvist from the same lectern.

    Fear has always played a role in politics. Darkness falls, threatening the future, jobs will disappear, crime affects - Baby it's cold outside. We were hit by politicians that reflect our fears instead of dealing with them, then it is easy to be with. Xenophobia appeal to pages that we all have - just because we can also opt out of them. Darkness can not be fought by chasing it with a big stick. It is enough to light up.
    Large gains to be made

    Research shows that immigration does not increase unemployment or lower wages. According to a new report ESO-affected state finances almost not at all, as soon as there are significant economic gains to be made.

    Increased mobility of people is an inevitable consequence of globalization. The UN estimates that 191 million people today live in a country other than that they were born into, and policy must address and handle both the increased mobility and the concerns that many feel towards what it can do with society. Poverty, class inequality, power and unemployment must be fought.
    Defend openness

    Sweden feel right now might not be a country that is satisfied with itself - or satisfied with their own future. We may be a country not entirely sure of what we stand for and what direction we should go. But Sweden will never be a country that allows itself defined by fear. We have a history of openness and optimism that we will defend. We will not let the real policy challenges submerged in the racial background noise.

    How strongly this than is now emerging in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hersir View Post
    I think he has the wrong focus, even though islam is a big threat, its the politicians in Sweden that decides to let in this hordes of people.
    A funny thing that should be noted is that the Sweden Democrats aren't against immigration either. They just want to "lower the immigration to European standards". They also have politicians (on municipality level) that have voted for the approval of "refugees".

    It should also be told that this party is the greatest pro-Israel party in Sweden and that they have Jews (Ekeroth brothers) in their conduct. The Ekeroth brothers mother is a criminal, being into fiscal offence.

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    Who cares how they act? Racially distinct immigration shouldn't be allowed in the Nordic countries regardless of religious affiliation or nation of origin.

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    Sweden is way behind many other European countries in nationalist politics. I think it is because of the Swedish mentality trait where people are afraid to speak up even a little of what they think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Méldmir View Post
    Sweden is way behind many other European countries in nationalist politics. I think it is because of the Swedish mentality trait where people are afraid to speak up even a little of what they think.
    The problem with the Swedes is that they are the most "tolerant" and "friendly", thus naive, people in Europe (no, I can't show a source on the claim, as it is based on my personal experiences only).

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    And it continues today:

    Maud: To punish an entire group of people

    Center leader in the debate with Jimmie Åkesson this morning

    Jimmie Åkesson and Olofsson collided today in a heated debate in the SVT Gomorron Sweden on Sweden Democrats debate article in Aftonbladet.

    And feelings were outraged.

    - What I think is the worst thing to you is that you collectively punishing an entire group of people, "said center director.

    - I stand for equal worth of all, countered SD leader Jimmie Åkesson.

    Yesterday Aftonbladet published an opinion piece from the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

    Debate article has aroused strong feelings and was condemned yesterday by all the party leaders of parliamentary parties and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

    Today, in the morning, collided Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) by Jimmie Åkesson (SD) in a debate in the SVT Gomorron Sweden.
    Angry feelings

    Jimmie Åkesson began by explaining why he wrote the article:

    - What I want to point out in the article is that the Swedish society progressively adapt to Islam.

    The debate quickly became agitated and party leaders interrupted each other several times.

    Maud Olofsson was hard to attack Jimmie Åkesson and accused him of not standing up for fundamental values that all people have equal value.

    - I tried to think of going about it is that I would run into the same thing, I am a Christian, if someone says all Christians are not welcome in Sweden. How would I react then?, Said center director.
    "Not read it"

    Jimmie Åkesson fought back and claimed that he did represent all people have equal value and to Maud Olofsson simply misunderstood the whole debate the article or not read it.

    - What I discuss in this article is the Swedish society's adaptation to Muslim demands, not hurvida Muslims are equal or if Muslims will have to be Muslim or not, "said SD leader.

    - No, that's what you do, "interrupted Maud Olofsson.
    If the sectoral

    Maud Olofsson said that Sweden Democrats just trying to scare and say that "all who come to Sweden is different."

    Jimmie Åkesson also chose to address the Center Party stone Mahmoud Aldebe previously put forward the proposal on sectoral for Muslims in Sweden and asked if Olofsson if he could really represented the Center Party.

    - It's clear we do not have any Sharia Laws in Sweden. You are trying to smear something on me that makes me incredibly upset, "said Olofsson.

    Jimmie Åkesson also claimed that he had evidence of what stood in the debate the article, which today Aftonbladet shows ten errors in.
    Sebastian Chaaban

    Åkesson rhetorical trick - martyrdom and sympathy

    SD leader keeps the debate in its grip with the issues

    Today met Maud Olofsson Jimmie Åkesson in an infected debate in SVT's morning sofa. Harsh words and inflated feelings dominated the argument. Aftonbladet asked rhetoric expert Elaine Bergqvist to analyze the debate.

    Yesterday Aftonbladet published an opinion piece by the Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

    The article aroused strong feelings and was condemned yesterday by all the party leader and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

    Today met with Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) Jimmie Åkesson (SD) in a debate in the SVT Gomorron Sweden.

    Jimmie Åkesson began by explaining why he wrote the article:

    - What I want to point out in the article is that the Swedish society progressively adapt to Islam.

    The debate quickly became agitated and party leaders interrupted each other several times.

    Maud Olofsson was hard to attack Jimmie Åkesson and accused him of not standing up for fundamental values that all people have equal value.

    - I tried to think of going about it is that I would run into the same thing, I am a Christian, if someone says all Christians are not welcome in Sweden. How would I react then?, Said center director.

    Rhetoric expert Elaine Bergqvist has analyzed the debate on Aftonbladet's behalf and have developed strengths and weaknesses of the two party leaders. She also tries to answer why it is so difficult to meet Jimmie Åkesson.
    Linda Cederberg

    Rhetoric expert Elaine Bergqvist.

    Åkesson rhetoric

    He will open the debate with a successful concept - martyrdom. A clever rhetorical approach where Åkesson the audience ears are David and Aftonbladet become Goliath. Martyrdom rhetoric makes Aftonbladet to villain and it raises exactly the Åkesson want - sympathies.

    A major strength of Åkesson is that he looks like a nice man. He has a soft and pleasant voice, which means that he does not feel intimidating, despite the sharp questions he makes. He also gives concrete examples that are difficult to tackle when the other parties who have a more diffuse rhetoric. Since pajkastningsretorik is a common approach among the party leaders may Åkesson sympathy desired effect.
    Olofsson's rhetoric

    Olofsson uses a completely different rhetoric - attacks. It serves Akesson on.
    Åkesson weaknesses

    If you want to win the debate against Jimmie Åkesson so you should first check his facts. When Mona Sahlin debated by Åkesson 2006, he claimed that discrimination was not a problem in Sweden. He claimed that since 1999 only been 86 complaints to the DO. According to the DO, the figure was over 4600th
    Olofsson's weaknesses

    Olofsson makes no questions but instead says what she likes Åkesson: "The worst thing about you is that the fundamental values of people's equal rights do not apply to you." She argues for the thesis instead of giving concrete arguments that contradict Åkesson thesis on "Muslims as a threat".

    She sounds Åkesson few rhetorical advantage by falling to his questions. It is so Åkesson hold debates in its grip. Olofsson lose because she did not take the debate but have their own agenda which does not respond to him - something that gives more credit to Åkesson sympathy account.

    "I regret nothing" "I do not regret anything in the article. I stand for it and it's really nothing new in it. This is what we have long argued, but it is only today we have an impact on it, "said Jimmie Åkesson when Aftonbladet met him outside an apartment in Stockholm last night.
    Photo: Lasse Allard

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, Åkesson

    SD leader: It was a bit sloppy

    Nearly half of Jimmie Åkesson claims are false or unfounded, according to experts.

    Now recognizes the SD leader that he did not have evidence of everything he says in Aftonbladet's opinion article.

    Several times he repeats:

    - There is almost no information available, but the name can reasonably be assumed that it is true.

    Yesterday Aftonbladet published debate article from Sweden Democrats' party leader. It consists of a series of claims about Islam and Muslims.

    Aftonbladet has reviewed them with the relevant authorities and researchers (see full review at the bottom of the page):

    Of 21 claims is ten incorrect or no scientific basis, according to experts.

    Four further considered highly exaggerated or highly unusual.

    Both SAPO and Crime Prevention Council, criticized yesterday Jimmie Åkesson article. Finally forced the SD leader to take back that Muslim men are overrepresented among Swedish rapists.
    "A bit sloppy"

    - It was a bit sloppy way, "he says.

    - It's impossible to prove they are over-represented because there is no such research. I would have said that there were men from Muslim countries. But it's mostly semantics.

    Several Åkesson claims can not be proven. For example, registration is not religion in Sweden. Moreover, he deleted from fundamentalism and radicalization have increased - even though there is no comparative research over time.

    The same reasoning for Åkesson on terrorist organizations.
    "Have not checked"

    - Common sense says that it will increase as the minority becomes larger.

    Party leader also writes that no one 20 years ago could imagine that Islam would be Sweden's second largest religion. But it was even then.

    - You can certainly have a right in, I have not even bothered to check.
    "It could be so"

    How can you say that fundamentalism is increasing, or that Malmö will have a Muslim majority, when even the experts can it?

    - It is clear that one can not say that we get an increase, it is clear that it is difficult to make population estimates, but the development looks like it does today, I am fully convinced that it could be so.

    - It could be a majority of polar bears as well, purely hypothetical. It can not know, "said Jimmie Åkesson.
    Kristina Edblom

    No right-wing extremists, despite massive immigration

    While Europe adapts to lift Canada presented a positive example

    Canada receives 250 000 immigrants every year.

    Yet one misses a large anti-immigration extreme party.

    How are they doing?

    Europe's way to respond to xenophobia is very much out of time to adapt.

    Outwardly condemn the established parties of the right wing invandrarhat.

    In the silence concerning it in their direction in the hope that it will be an effective countermeasure.

    France is a clear example. Although Sweden. In the wake of New Democracy has been keeping the refugees have become more restrictive.

    New Democracy is gone but the tougher stance is maintained.

    Across the Atlantic is the immigrant stream just as dense, but the mood is completely different.

    Canada recalls in many ways on Sweden. Roughly the same climate, sparse population, the policy centerpiece. Hockey Crazy welfare.

    But the heated immigration debate is conspicuous by its absence.

    When Canadians hear the word immigrants, they see before them a well-educated, positive person who is willing to work hard in their new homeland. Rather than a listless man who burned his passport and longs for a life of beneficiaries.

    - Canadians have long accepted that they are an immigration country, "says Martin Ådahl.

    He is head of the think tank Fores who have migration as one of its areas of expertise.

    Ådahl sees Canada as a model for integration.

    Refugees and migrant workers coming to Canada quickly passed out in the community through associations at the state mission tackles them and help them cope.

    The authorities are restrictive with the grant. Newcomers to the active workforce as quickly as possible. Within a year, 80 percent found work.

    Migrants who are successful are highlighted as positive examples, such as the founder of the Blackberry.

    - One retells over and over again the story about the people who come to Canada, "explains Ådahl.

    First it was the white Europeans, since people from Asia, Southeast Asia, China and the Middle East. The new groups are woven into the public narrative that forms a kind of national conscience in which the word immigration has a positive connotation.

    The result is as Ådahl a pride in being a multicultural society. The focus is on what unites rather than what divides.

    The feeling makes migrants 'hot'. Many small communities are trying to actively get immigrants to their areas.

    - Spiral of Canada are positive. You see immigrants as an asset.

    Now it sounds like everything is shimmering green forests. Which is of course not.

    But Canada should be interesting as a study object for the established parties, which leaves no stone unturned looking for an effective way to curb the xenophobic parties onslaught.

    Or are Europeans, by definition, more xenophobic than North Americans?
    Wolfgang Hansson

    SD should elect a new people

    It is with the Swedish Muslims as it is with the national soccer team - they can not stand up. I must admit that I am one of them.

    Jimmie Åkesson impassioned article in yesterday's Aftonbladet - "Muslims are the biggest threat since World War II" - reminds me of just that: that we are far too many - Turks, Bosnians, Kosovars, Kurds, Moroccans - who are not subject to us the struggle, not living up to those ideals, as the Sweden Democrats to write us.

    When we are Muslim doctors, engineers, cleaners, hairdressers, taxi drivers and journalists are not grieves us plenty of pounds we are going around the altar and trivialities of day-care places, hip replacement surgery, layoffs and the color of the new fund tapestry of terraced three.

    In short, we are equally bad at being the Taliban, which squad is on to score.

    Akesson reminds all of us that we have become blunted welfare state Muslims. Konsum refrigerated display provides, of course still Vaggeryds classic smoked sausage and pressed ham instead of Halal slaughtered lambs.

    Have not we also endeavored to letter bombs to the roundabout artists who criticize Islam. We have not written glowing appeals for separate bathing for men and women, gender-segregated swimming in schools and the banning of religious school closings. Not put forward demands for the imposition of Sharia law, not dried raping blondes in short skirts. Not organized ourselves for terrorist organizations or suicide bombing.

    No, such a DULL and morally depraved army makes no civil war.

    Thus, where the fateful war with Sweden Democrats ritual emphasis has been predicted for so many years.

    I must admit that Jimmie Åkesson and his party comrades are better than we are Islamists - they have at least an eye on the virtues and higher values, paving the way to the orthodox heaven.

    A small consolation here is that although the majority of Swedish citizens förvekligats. As Sweden's leading Democrats put it to me in an interview before the 2002 election: Swedes lack of self-preservation and survival instinct.

    They talked about a national suicide and the Swedes were stupid enough that every four years, insist on voting for the established parties - suicide cult - and thus their own destruction.

    Maybe Sweden Democrats elect a new people.

    One with balls, were probably the sverigedemokrat say that during this weekend's country days arguing for a lump sum to the young women who give birth: the birth of a child to sustain our people.

    Can we, despite the threats did not mobilize the Swedish female population, perhaps it would be fitting of Jimmie Åkesson to talk about unreal public people.

    The same people who during the European elections preferred Pirate Party in Sweden Democrats. Smith devotes apparently greater power of thought to the file-sharing than worry about whether I and my two year daughter is planning to convert to Skansen, an open-air mosque, forced to convert moose and bear cubs and throw the boars.

    No, I can probably not desecrate Skansen. I take a cold beer instead.
    Mustafa Can

    Mustafa Can, journalist and author.

    Changes in the debate on the Sweden Democrats

    The debate on the Sweden Democrats proceed. You can see a very interesting and encouraging shift in our discussion forums. New voices that are not discussed previously is entering and criticize and nuanced discussion of the Sweden Democrats. It is an entirely new tone also in my mail. Overall, I have received about 400 e-mail on this subject yesterday. Most support our publishing and we think that the debate begins is committed, no matter what you think of the Sweden Democrats. Most people who criticize it are sincere and thoughtful questions. The proportion of pure hatmail limited to a dozen.

    In our forums, this issue has previously triggered an avalanche of rather angry supporters of the Sweden Democrats who have dominated the discussion. It has followed a pattern that looks something like this: an item of a purely racist messages of the type of death to one or another ethnic group that we remove. Then follows a series of equally virulent as tiresome proclaimed that we censor debate.

    I just talked with Anna Hjalmarsson our editors for reader participation and debate. She has followed our forums for a long time and did so yesterday, too. Her relfektion is that many new voices are now beginning to make themselves heard in the discussion and the tone is much more rancorous than discussing. It is very gratifying. This issue is hot enough as is. It does not need profanity and förstärkningsord.

    Today, we are moving in the newspaper and on the site and publishes a review of the arguments Jimmie Åkesson for the debate in the article. It is essential that news journalism is now following up Sweden Democrats' policies on its core made clear. It is happening also. Most of the news media today has followed up the Aftonbladet published yesterday. SVT went this morning, happily upon the core issue of SD policies and debated with the Center Party leader Maud Olofsson and Jimmie Åkesson on the sofa this morning. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said that debate article published Aftonbladet Sweden Democrats express political core. All the party leaders spoke yesterday about the article, explaining how they relate to the Sweden Democrats' policies.

    Naturally, I sat in the TV 4's morning sofa where the question was more whether it was right or wrong to publish the debate this article and how I can stop the party's advertising, but allow their opinion articles. I explained it yesterday. You'll find it in the blog entry below this. I will return with more reflections on this in this blog later today or tomorrow.

    Abd al Haqq Kielan.

    "SD's hate message can attract timid "

    Imam Abd al Haqq Kielan on Jimmie Åkesson views on Islam

    DEBATE It was almost afraid of the dark when you read Sweden's Democratic Party leader Jimmie Åkesson statement here yesterday. But only almost, because his argument is easy to see through. He has turned up a very revealing debate article that shows the whole abyss of his and his party's nasty human beings. With tactics to portray Islam and the Swedish Muslims as the major threat to the homeland he believes to have found the recipe in order to gain entry to the Swedish Parliament.

    Åkesson propagate unchecked, therefore a Islam who like violence and Muslims are radical, prone to rape people and join terrorist organizations.

    The fact is that Islam is a humane and non-aggressive message. Already the name itself to peace and security to do. The Islamic communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East has historically been peaceful compared with a Europe torn apart by war after war. Modern research shows this. There are plenty of books to read on the subject.

    Next lie: There has been a war between Islam and Christian Europe in 1 400 years he claims. It is bad well-informed sturdy. The first major conflict between Christians and Muslims were the Crusades a thousand years ago. The Crusades were a Western European invasion of the Middle East. Three centuries of bloodshed and terror certainly not started by Muslims. Even the Pope John Paul II has publicly asked forgiveness for the Crusades.

    Many contemporary scholars believe it was the interaction between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Muslim Spain, from year 711 to 1492, which was the real source of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, humanism and the modern scientific thinking. What would have happened if Jews, Christians and Muslims is at peace with each other?

    SD's leader claims without evidence (lied about) that Islam has affected Swedish society too much. It is true that some people with spiritual interests have been inspired by some Muslims seem to take their faith seriously.

    But the Swedish society affecting the Muslims so much more than vice versa. Swedish Muslim children and young people are not as uprooted as Sweden Democratic propaganda would have us believe. They go to school like any other, meet and socialize, and many prejudices about each other disappear after every youth growing up with friends from different backgrounds.

    Åkesson black paint a community - the Muslim population - which he considers more massive hike in Sweden and is spreading at an alarming rate and spread osvenska manners. The worst foreign threat to our country since World War II, he believes.

    Reply to this, Jimmie Åkesson: Will the threat of people from former Yugoslavia, who picked us who labor in the 60 - and 70's and helped build up the Swedish welfare? Or you might fear, they are often secular, refugees from Iran who came in the 80s? Many of them were already highly educated. Perhaps you are afraid of the Bosnians who were labels that Muslims and ethnically cleanse the Balkans during the 90s and who fled here from their burnt villages and bombed the cities? Or you intimidated by the Somalis who had to flee their homes because of the unbearable conditions? What is the threat to generalize about?

    The new refugees and Swedes, as SD propaganda spewing their bile over, can testify about why they sought protection and security here in Sweden. It was not to make Sweden more colorful, as Åkesson so cynically suggest.

    Enfrågepartiet Sweden Democrats appear now open with bare Snagg, boots and bomber jacket and excites in a very aggressive manner against a group of people in this country, where most are already as much Swedish citizens Jimmie Åkesson himself.

    With this batch, it has established a political agenda, a skinhead policy, which raises concerns among democratically minded people. SD thinking has its roots in the dark brown soil that brought forth the Nazis. The target audience for the hatred has only changed from Jews to Muslims.

    The argument is uppfiffad for contemporary use, but points nonetheless ominous about the Nazi's use of language. It is dangerous to play on the strings of hate, we have witnessed time and again in Europe. What begins as a small scale can end up with a great misery. You have to look up in time.

    Mr Åkesson and his like scent and sniffing the winds of populism. They hope that with his hatbudskap against Swedish Muslims to deceive for himself votes from timid voters for the parliamentary election in 2010.
    Abd al Haqq Kielan
    Abd al Haqq Kielan, 68. Imam in Eskilstuna and chairman of the Swedish Islamic congregations. Calls itself the Swedish since the Stone Age - and Muslim.

    Yesterday, Sweden Democrats' party leader Jimmie Åkesson at Aftonbladet Debate why the party perceives Islam as a threat to Sweden. Åkesson, inter alia, that today's multi-cultural Swedish power elite are totally blind to the dangers of Islam and Islamization.

    Are open for sd Maud Olofsson, Göran Hägglund, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Jan Björklund gives vague information as to whether the Sweden Democrats will be part of a government backing or not.
    Photo: Ulf HØJER

    Who gets up first from the sofa?

    It is not that it lacks Bengt Westerberg's clearly against the right-populism

    Sweden Democrats have long tried to polish its exterior in order to operate as any other party whatsoever. Yesterday was the party leader Jimmie Åkesson for violent attacks against Muslims in Sweden (AB 19/10). It was a nasty article breathed xenophobic views of the Sweden Democrats would otherwise have tried to downplay.

    Sweden Democrats are certainly not what political party whatsoever. It has its origins in the neo-Nazi and racist movement. Its political idea is xenophobia.
    Sahlin is crystal clear

    The weekend's Sifo measurement was the party again over four percent and is now higher than both the Christian Democrats and Center Party. It is of course too early to say that the SD will enter the parliament. Hopefully it will not be so.

    However, it is high time for the parliamentary parties to respond to any electoral success of right-wing extremism. Opposition leader Mona Sahlin has been crystal clear that (S) will never form a government with the support of the Sweden Democrats. The Green Party and Left Party are equally clear.

    Unfortunately, it is on the conservative side. Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt make charges against journalists who ask the question whether he is willing to form a government with the support of SD. Reinfeldt says he will never cooperate with the party but he is silent on whether he can imagine that the Sweden Democrats are in government documents.

    Last spring, called the two Liberal parties Alexander Bard and Ulf over the mountains with clear information of the Liberal Party leader on SD (Newsmill 19 / 5). No such information has not yet arrived by Jan Bjorklund. On the contrary, he twisted violently in an interview in Expressen recently. Something that FP-blogger Thomas of Bjur in Sörmland notes.

    He calls Bjorklund to do that Mona Sahlin and say, we Liberals will never be anywhere, ever, ever make us dependent on support from the Sweden Democrats. Never!
    Think she is foul

    Unfortunately, noises in the exact opposite from the liberal side. Björklund and Reinfeldt's vagueness is backed by Dagens Nyheter Editorial as a leader makes the question of the parties relative to SD for a label problems. Sahlins clear stance towards SD is problematic under the DN of the "in many voters' eyes is foul."

    Given that the same Editorial advocated the Norwegian Progress Party would form part of a conservative government, it is perhaps not so surprising. But it is not without longing for a Bengt Westerberg who bravely getting up from the couch when the xenophobic takes the stage.

    The bourgeois have to give voters information: Are you going to govern with the help of SD?

    It can be redblue Government

    They are prepared to break the block boundaries

    Sweden may have a redblue Government of SD comes into the parliament next year.

    Mona Sahlin is prepared to go over the block boundary to close the Sweden Democrats out there:

    - I say no to cooperation with non-democratic parties, but none of the other parties in parliament is undemocratic.

    Maria Wetterstrand (MP) goes even further and point out my party and Liberal parties as potential cooperation in the red-green on the SD will enter the parliament.

    - If we become larger than the others, it is logical that the Center Party and Liberal Party opens up to carry on conversations with us, "she says.

    MP would accept the call of the alliance if they win the election?

    - I see it as a much more logical alternative to trying to create something in the middle than it would take it out on the edges.

    Even Lars Ohly is willing to cooperate across borders blocks so as not to influence SD.
    No answer

    Among the alliance parties, however no say on such cooperation.

    - We do not have the election results in 2010 than. With clear government option reduces the interest in SD, "said Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (M).
    Eva Shrubs
    Joachim Kerpner
    Kerstin Danielson

    Lars Ohly (V).

    Maria Wetterstrand (MP).

    Will Reinfeldt govern with the support of SD?

    The debate rages on the Sweden Democrats on the occasion of Jimmie Åkesson senseless attack on what he calls "Islamization of Sweden". All lots will mean distance from SD's nasty xenophobic views, but still is no response from the conservative government of the alliance if they're willing to form a government with the support of SD.

    DN's Peter Wolodarski tried in Studio 1 radio yesterday say that Aftonbladet knowingly spreading xenophobia. He does something similar experiments on DN's Editorial today. It is preposterous accusations and again confused Israeli criticism of anti-Semitism.

    Given the DN's leaders yesterday on the Sweden Democrats Wolodarski should be ashamed of their deference towards the SD. Instead of directly and clearly ask the bourgeois parties to clearly say no to any form of dependence or cooperation with SD so chastise his Mona Sahlin to her in an interview said that she would give a demonstration on Jimmie Akesson turned up in it.

    It is under DN oschysst against SD's voters and the whole issue of right-wing extremism is made to a label issue. Senseless, Wolodarski!

    Please read our key leaders on this topic - Who gets up from the sofa?

    He will take the debate in SD

    Green Party introduced the new integration policy spokesperson today

    Dalecarlian and Muslim Mehmet Kaplan becomes Green Party's inclusion policy spokeswoman.

    Assignment: Take the debate with the Sweden Democrats.

    - I promise to do everything in my power not to Jimmie Åkesson arguments should be left to stand unchallenged, "says Kaplan.

    That appointment came the day after Åkesson Muslim hostile debate article in Aftonbladet is no coincidence.

    - We thought it was the right time to do this now. It is an extremely serious article that tries very hard to create divisions in society, "said Green Party spokesman Peter Eriksson told Aftonbladet.

    Born in Turkey, grew up in Krylbo. Election of MP Mehmet Kaplan was natural, according to Eriksson.

    - He is like few others with feet in both the Swedish soil and in the Muslim tradition.
    Looking forward to the debate

    Mehmet Kaplan has already discussed with the Sweden Democrats. He looks forward to doing it again.

    - For me, it is extremely important to show that I, as believers, practicing Muslims actually live in this society and that I, as a majority of Muslims do not have any problems with the Swedish society.

    - The image that the Sweden Democrats trying to paint is that Muslims could not live here in some sort förvssning if it collides with any kind of values that exist in Sweden. On the contrary, I believe that many Muslims feel that they can be themselves in a much clearer way in this country - and also be part of and contribute to society's welfare.

    Johanna Melén

    Mehmet Kaplan.
    It is about this debate many articles is about (in Swedish):

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    This party is not even anti immigration. They are anti Islam. There are pictures published on their websites of a local meeting where members brought their asian girlfriends and drank coca cola together.

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