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Thread: UK Government Prepares to Indoctrinate White Areas

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    UK Government Prepares to Indoctrinate White Areas

    LONDON – Hundreds of “white enclaves” across Britain have been chosen to receive special funding from the Government in an effort to curb the spread of racist extremism among the working classes.

    Ministers are to spend £12 million ($25.7 million) reassuring 130 “traditional communities” that immigrants and non-white residents are not unfairly taking their jobs and houses.

    The community initiative follows growing concerns that extremist groups such as the British National Party are feeding on fears and myths that the white working classes are victims of social injustice.

    Yesterday Communities Secretary John Denham named the first 27 districts that would benefit from the money.

    But critics attacked the plan as pandering to the BNP at the expense of minority communities, where there is evidence of real, rather than perceived, discrimination.

    The initiative received a mixed response from ethnic minority groups and taxpayer representatives.

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    This government is truely rotten to the core, do they really think they can solve the problems that have been caused by mass immigration by opening their purse and throwing some cash at us... They are totaly out of touch with what is going on in this country.

    According to statistics we let in the region of 570 immigrants (non eu) into the country each day... that's 208.500 in the course of a year. All of these Aliens require jobs which by rights should be going to British People especialy with the recession when many are losing their jobs daily. If they cant get a job the government through tax payers give them pocket money and sympathy. Disgusting.

    Then they wave some money at us and expect us to think it's all alright.... Well sorry I dont sell out my folk to this £12M indoctrination.

    I am struggling to find a job at the moment because the construction companies are finding it cheaper to pay foreign workers to do it for them, I see this every day... and am definately not alone in this contempt for what is going on. I have seen liberal people turn to hate over this. It is soul destroying.

    The £12 million grant, announced with much fanfare, is targeted at 100 white working-class areas. This means that each area will be given £120,000 — less than what the Tory-controlled Kent County Council gives teenage asylum seekers as pocket money.
    They can shove the money up their A$* for all I care
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