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Thread: The Oldest Sword/Axe to Have Been Found in Northern Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophyte View Post
    The flint daggers probably had their handles wrapped with cord and leather, and so on. But looking at the specimens, and searching through the Internet, I cannot find any examples of cross-guards other than in modern "inspired" flint daggers. Not do we see pommels, because I do not think that a stone dagger, having about 40% of the density of a copper dagger, would need one.
    Pommels are useful not only for balancing out the weight, but to keep it from sliding out of one's hand when it's wielded around. And if any type of cross-guard, handle or pommel was fitted on Neolithic weapons, it is likely to be completely decomposed if excavated today. Even finding remnants of leather, fabric and wooden fittings on weapons from the early Medieval age is very rare, as far as I know.
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