"As some of you already know, Dave Lynch (American Front - CA) was attacked by cowards a little over a week ago. His jaw was broken in two places. Because of this cowardly attack Dave had to undergo surgery to fix his jaw. His mouth will be wired shut for 5 weeks.

His medical bills are extensive and Dave NEEDS our help. He has several doctors appointments in the coming weeks and has missed many days of work already. I'm asking that anyone able to make a financial contribution PLEASE do so. He has done this very same deed for many of our folk. He's been there for many POWs and now it is OUR turn to take care of him. He's organized several events in his days and continues to fight for all we believe no matter what.

You can send money directly to Dave via paypal at: longlivedeath16@hotmail.com
**Please make sure to include a note that this gift is for Dave and not for the Kemp fund.

Money orders can be sent to myself and will be forwarded to Dave along with any message you would like to send. Please PM me for the address or email me at americanfrontmaine@yahoo.com

This is what we do folks... we take care of our own, pitch in today and make Dave's recovery a little easier.

Thanks everyone.

"Fighting For The White Worker Since 1984"



Everyone should write Adam and show him some support and make his time inside the system's walls a little more easier. It's his 21st birthday on Thursday, September 17th, so wish him a Happy Birthday as well. He doesn't even give a fuck about being able to drink as you all know, but I know he's bummed about not being able to get his Concealed Weapons Permit thanks to lying sacks of shit. Anyways, write him! Even if it's just a little something. It's definitely better than nothing and it might take his mind off the bullshit for even a couple minutes.

Thanks for all the support!

Richard Stockdale
7000 H C Kelley Rd.
Orlando FL 32831-2518

"Fighting For The White Worker Since 1984"