The Dansk Folkeparti (DPP) is running a major advertising campaign against mosques, here is the text to the ad being run, translated by Henrik Clausen, who adds: "This is a major change from the timid attitude DPP had at the previous local elections." KGS

NO grand mosques in Danish cities!


As a bolt from the blue and peaceful Danish summer sky, the politicians of the Copenhagen municipality decided the other day to erect a grand mosque in the middle of the city.

Only the Danish Peoples' Party voted against it!

The money will, among other sources, come from the terrorist regime of Iran, but none of the other parties in the local government had any concern about that.

In three years another grand mosque – in the southern suburb of Amager and funded by money from the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia – will become reality if the citizens do not object.

In other Danish cities similar plans exist. We grant you this guarantee: The more representatives from the Danish Peoples Party elected at the local elections on November 17th, the greater the resistance against the Islamist strongholds, also in your city.