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Obama RE-WRITES Leif Erikson Day proclamation.
Palmetto Patriot on October 8th, 2009
Obama signed a proclamation re-affirming October 9th, 2009 as Leif Erikson day. This is one of hundreds of annual proclamations that the president is requested to sign each year by former sessions of congress. However, the proclamation signed by Obama is strikingly different than previous versions.

Obama appears to have re-written the proclamation into a piece of pro-immigration propaganda.

You be the judge! Read Obama’s version of the Leif Erikson Day Proclamation: Click Here.

Now read the version signed by George Bush during his years in office. Click Here.

Did Obama spit in the face of white America’s, particularly those of Scandinavian decent?

Of course there is also the issue of the total admission of any mention of Leif Erikson by the “mainstream media.”

The only American news story that even shows up in google news is a parade in Durham.

Let All Ye Citizens know that the 32nd Annual Leif Ericson Day Parade shall gather at the Durham Laundercenter at 6 AM on Sunday Oct. 11.

The Parade shall commence at 6:30 am and proceed 25 ft. to Young’s Family Restaurant for feasting and good cheer.

Let all admirers of Leif Ericson come and enjoy this event which is designed not to make disparaging remarks about other people’s heroes, but rather, we believe that every hero deserves an hour of recognition on an appropriate day and at an appropriate hour.

Notice anything unusual about this announcement in the Durnham newspaper? They couldn’t just say they were celebrating Leif Erikson. They had to add some fuzzy headed left-wing mumbo jumbo about “disparaging remarks” and “other people’s heroes.” When the media celebrates non-whites, they simply celebrate them. However, when celebrating white heroes and accomplishments they add conditions. In other words, remember to think of how every other culture is equal to yours while celebrating Leif Erikson.

There is also a Leif Erikson commemoration in Philadelphia scheduled for Oct. 10th, 2009. Click Here.

The United States congress first commemorated Leif Erikson in 1964 and issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honor in 1968.