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Thread: Men, which is your dominant soul archetype?

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    Men, which is your dominant soul archetype?

    This is the male version of the thread Women, which is your dominant soul archetype?

    Men, you may be more lucky, since I found an entire blog for you to read on this issue, and here it is The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine: Introduction. It is based on the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, by Robert Moore and Doug Gillette. There is also a pdf version of it available online (but without any images, I suppose it's just a summary of the book).

    I am attaching to this the pdf from the above source, so you can read through the masculine soul archetypes (in order to answer the thread question, and not only).

    The masculine soul archetypes also have a correspondence with the feminine soul archetypes. Maybe astrology can help you figure out which one is your dominant one (but in the case of men maybe the position of the Sun should work better, or the position of planet Mars in elements?).

    Some highlights which I consider to be very important, both for men and for women:

    Moore argues that each male archetype consists of three parts: the full and highest expression of the archetype and two bi-polar dysfunctional shadows of the archetype. To better understand this, Moore portrays each archetype as a triangle. Here’s an example of the King archetype thusly illustrated:
    The King Archetype

    The bottom corners of the triangle represent the bi-polar shadow-split in the archetypal Self. The goal of each man, according to Moore, is to reconcile and integrate these two bi-polar shadows in order to attain the fullest expression of the archetype as represented at the top of the triangle.

    A bit more work for men to read and figure out I suppose, but I have the same question...

    Men, which one do you think is your dominant soul archetype?
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