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Thread: Hittite Skulls and "Gothic" (?) Skulls

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    Hittite Skulls and "Gothic" (?) Skulls

    I have two questions, but rather than splitting them into to separate threads I'll take them all together.

    My first question is about the indo-european speaking hittites, have there been any analyzise of their skulls? Which subrace did they mostly belong to? I have heared "mix of Armenoid-Mediterranoid stock" but I'd like to know if there is any actual study of it.

    The second is regarding the cultures often associated with the early goths, i.e. the Wielbark culture and Chernyakhov culture. Both apparantly practiced both inhumation and cremation. The inhumation would suggest that atleast a number of skulls from these two cultures have been found. The same as above, which subrace did they belong to? Any studies been done on these?

    If someone have some pics of skulls from these above I'd be happy to see them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have seen the Hittites described as basically Mediterranid, but the lords of Hattusa formed an inner circle of power distinct from a wider population that most likely continued to be essentially Hattian. An anthropological analysis of the Indo-European culture bearers within the population would therefore have to focus on the early members of this nobility and I doubt that it has been done.

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