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Social Democrat wants refugee top
Publicerad: 2009-10-04
Published: 2009-10-04

KATRINEHOLM Mayor Göran Dahlström (s) would be attending the National Democratic line and introduce immigration stop.In a letter to the County Board, he writes that local government leaders believe that the municipality no longer capable of receiving refugees "in a good way."

Back in July, he said that the situation has become untenable, and now he has received throughout the municipal council with him. The municipality has an agreement with the Immigration Service to receive a hundred immigrants a year, but it is twice the number who actually move to the municipality. In 2008, the municipality chose the 172 immigrants, over half of these, 106 people, had come as relatives.

The letter calls Katrineholm Municipality that negotiations should begin on the refugees, who either must be minimized or stopped from next year.

The municipality is one of those hit hard by multiculturalism, which has given it the nickname Södermanlands Husby. At the end of last year, National reported today about how the municipality wants to introduce a comprehensive moving carousel to force a mixture of Swedish and foreign students at schools.
- If you do nothing at all about this now so we will have a Baghdad in northeastern Katrineholm and Mogadishu in Nyhem area in 10-15 years, defended himself head of the education administration Ingrid Nandrup when troubled Swedish parents protested that their schools will be filled by immigrant children .

Taxpayers are forced to pay ever more for the new arrivals "special needs", including the municipality spends extra money now in the autumn of swimming for Muslim women and girls.

The Social Democrats in Katrineholm do not want to end the multicultural social experiment as such. Instead, they want to pass the immigration of other municipalities that they believe will "take responsibility".

- It's cynical. If they had seen immigration was done with their own municipality, how can you with a clear conscience like the same fate will affect other municipalities?, Wonder Marc Abramsson, chairman of the National Democrats.

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