Business Day’s Anti-White Hate Speech: Dan Roodt Responds
October 1st, 2009
Yesterday, Business Day newspaper published this sickening editorial (conveniently anonymous, as they always do when engaging in anti-White hate speech). Dr Dan Roodt immediately responded and eviscerated the yellow-bellied writer with a brilliant response:

Business Day 30 September 2009

Bigotry rears its ugly head
FOR most South Africans of all hues and backgrounds, Heritage Day (the public holiday we celebrated last week) has become little more than an excuse to cremate deceased livestock and suck on a beer.

In many respects that is no bad thing, especially if the alternative is everyone seeking out those who look and sound like themselves and congregating to share real and perceived grievances. Far better that heritage be ignored than turned into a rallying point for bitter and twisted racial bigots such as the 300 or so Afrikaner extremists who gathered at the Vegkop monument near Heilbron in the Free State on Thursday to launch a new movement aimed at throwing off what they termed the “yoke of black oppression”.

It is tempting to dismiss such groups as insignificant, which they certainly are numerically, despite the exposure in 2002 of the Boeremag conspiracy, which gave rise to SA’s most expensive trial to date . But even if the deluded ramblings of people such as Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging leader Eugene Terre’Blanche come across more pathetic than treasonous these days, it would be a mistake to ignore them.

While it is not against the law to be right-wing, or even to harbour racist views — as long as you do not act on them or incite others to commit a crime — the Human Rights Commission (HRC) is right to take such racial rhetoric seriously, especially when it could amount to hate speech.

If, as reported in the Sunday Times, speakers made such inflammatory statements as “the African person is genetically programmed for destruction”, and urged Afrikaners to “prepare for the possibility of an organised mass assault by black South Africans”, it may well be a case for the Equality Court.

Of course, it would be easier to act against white extremists who foment racial hatred if organisations such as the HRC had shown more inclination to reprimand, let alone prosecute, the apparently rising number of African nationalists who also insist on reducing the national conversation to race-baiting.
Dan Roodt's reply...

Whites under a sword
Published: 2009/10/01 07:30:23 AM

I attended the gathering at the Vegkop battlefield site for about two hours and plead guilty to warning the people there that SA is getting so unstable that organised genocide on the scale of Rwanda is a possibility not to be discounted too lightly.

The discussion around genocide over the past few weeks in Afrikaans was set off, not by a “right-wing bigot” as you continue in your tribal Johannesburg-English way to stereotype Afrikaners, but by the left-wing, ANC- supporting theologian Nico Smith.

On September 11 he wrote an article in Beeld, Pas aan of pas op (Adapt or beware), in which he forecast that Afrikaners insisting on language rights and complaining about affirmative action will end up like the French Algerians who were given the choice of “the suitcase or the coffin” by the National Liberation Front in the early sixties.

No one can deny the wall of hate from the state directed against Afrikaner farmers, teachers, schools, universities, museums, monuments and so on. Huge amounts of taxpayer rands are being spent on court cases and other actions to eradicate Afrikaans from educational institutions and to remove Afrikaner farmers from the land they have farmed for generations.

The nature of injuries sustained in military-style attacks on farms and suburban houses are not of a civil or even criminal nature.

At a recent medical conference on trauma surgery held in the US, a high- ranking officer from the US army called the South African delegate aside and told her: “Judging from the type of injuries you have shown us, I am afraid there is a war in your country. Such injuries do not occur in peacetime.”

I am sorry to disturb you in your liberal dreamworld where you are “cremating deceased livestock and sucking on a beer”, but this country is already engaged in a low-intensity ethnic conflict that may well escalate into dominee Smith’s vision of a white genocide.

The umKhonto weSizwe and Apla- controlled SANDF, of which we have recently seen the levels of discipline, has about 500000 automatic weapons at its disposal.

Likewise, the SABC is the perfect weapon to exhort the majority population to drive the hated white racists or “bigots” into the sea.

The tide of history, as is amply demonstrated by Algeria, the former Portuguese colonies and, of course, Zimbabwe, is against the continued presence of whites in Africa. We are all living under the sword of Damocles.

Dan Roodt