by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Part I

The human race is a construct. It is not real. Human population groups are too diverse to have any one destiny in common. The white race is a construct. It is not real. White peoples are too diverse to have any one destiny in common. Nations are the soil-based embodiments of ethnically homogeneous peoples. White nationalism is a globalization ideology and thus not real nationalism at all. Fascism and National Socialism were both imperialist ideologies. Real nationalism is the enemy of imperialism and globalization. Real nationalism is separatist and democratic. Real nationalism wants to break up large artificial structures (such as empires) and reestablish natural ethnic entities (such as nations).

Part II

The Inuit in Greenland do not need aid from the European Union. They do not need Danish overlords and colonizers. The Inuit in Greenland want to be free. Their poverty stems from alien management practices imposed on their traditional way of life. Their indigenous culture had sustained them for thousands of years until the artery of their social organism was clogged by Danish cupcakes and maidens with braided golden hair dancing on flying horses with swords and shields in their hands: HOORAY - Here come the Valkyries! Doom to let Dr. Doom in... He might shake his metal-gloved fist and rage and swear and holler. But all to no avail, the mud is here to stay, everybody will have to drag his weary feet through it. Dr. Doom in his Slavic country (Latveria) will think twice if invading and destroying will give him the bliss he so eagerly seeks. Meanwhile, the Inuit are demonstrating against another Danish dam project.

Part III

The race that preceded the race is the race. King David had red hair. He was not a witch. A witch is a witch is a witch. We must watch out or the shoppers will get us before the consumers get us. To consume is to free oneself of the shadow of the past.

On the plane from Berlin to Moscow: Call of the Blood. Folkism versus Nationalism. Folkism = real nationalism. How many are gone? How many roads are broken? Who is chosen? Who can find the gods again? The state is the machine that killed the gods. The folk is the revolutionary subject. Raising the folk consciousness consciously undermines the system the state put into place to subjugate the folk. The Junkers and the lords and the plantation owners are all interested in propagating state nationalism (patriotism) as the salvation to the yearning in the folk's collective unconscious. But myths are stronger than the elite with money and lust for power and greed for money. Myths speak the truth of the blood. The folk carries the blood in its veins as it toils under the sun of the day that never endeth. The folk's sweat mingled with its blood produces the aroma of life itself. This is why the leech elite will always try to suck the blood of the folk. Like vampires, the elite needs the blood of the folk to survive and continue the feudal exploitation of those they need to survive. When the folk wakes up to this state of affairs, it will not only protect itself with garlic against vampire attacks but also band together with wooden stakes to finally exterminate the elitist plague off the face of the earth. Patriotism is a demonic concoction straight out of the NECRONOMICON. Folkism is the divine order as different faces of different folks truly represent God's different ideas. God is the gods. Polytheism does not apply.

A womanizer and a priest on a bench in Central Park. The womanizer knows that his days are numbered as his productive years have already passed him by. The priest had once sheltered a South African dictator, but now realizes that this was a mistake since the South African dictator had killed the priest's family before the South African dictator went into politics back in his own country. Back in Ecuador, drugs were still freely available in the dirty slums of Quito. Coke for a buck. High for a dime. Hanging in there. Both the womanizer and the priest are feeding on the regret that their disconnectedness from their folk produces. O, how to get back into the bosom the cycle?

Black boots on the pavement signal the coming of the Man With No Morals. He will set things right as he has no moral objection to things others might find distasteful. The Man With No Morals commits genocide for breakfast and burns down cities in order to build new ones. In the afternoon, the Man with No Morals orders the execution of all those who opposed the folk's right of existence in the past when the world was ruled by Bad Media and the leech elite. The Man With No Morals will do so without batting an eyelid. In the evening, the Man With No Morals might go boozing and hook up with some cool chicks. If he wakes up in the collective mind of the folk, the Man With No Morals has achieved the unity in freedom (sacred and profane!). The Man With No Morals also kills for thrills.

This is how coffee is cooked: buy and put it in machine, then switch on machine. Once gods came out of machines, now machines ARE gods.