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Thread: Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy

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    Eager Students Fall Prey to Apartheid’s Legacy


    Despite sharp increases in education spending since apartheid ended, South African children consistently score at or near rock bottom on international achievement tests, even measured against far poorer African countries. This bodes ill for South Africa’s ability to compete in a globalized economy, or to fill its yawning demand for skilled workers.

    And the wrenching achievement gap between black and white students persists. Here in the Western Cape, only 2 out of 1,000 sixth graders in predominantly black schools passed a mathematics test at grade level in 2005, compared with almost 2 out of 3 children in schools once reserved for whites that are now integrated, but generally in more affluent neighborhoods.


    Most teachers in South Africa’s schools today got inferior educations under the Bantu system, and this has seriously impaired their ability to teach the next generation, analysts say. Teachers are not tested on subject knowledge, but one study of third-grade teachers’ literacy, for example, found that the majority of them scored less than 50 percent on a test for sixth graders.


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    We can not blame bantu education for the poor education of children. You can send anyone to Harvard or Oxford, if the person does not want to the saying goes,... you can take a horse to water but you can not make him drink it. It has been fifteen years after the idiots took power, all the libraries are open to everyone, but still......there is no tendency from the idiots to try and read and better themselves. Spoon feeding is, and always will be the only way they will go through life. All the education standards are being dropped to accomedate the masses, because if they fail it is a racist system, it can never be because of their own limited brain power. In no Germanic country will you hear about 23 year old school pupils.....please dont laugh out loud, we have to live with the idiots.

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