Eur J Hum Genet. 2001 Jan;9(1):27-33. Related Articles, Links

Y chromosome analysis reveals a sharp genetic boundary in the Carpathian region.

Stefan M, Stefanescu G, Gavrila L, Terrenato L, Jobling MA, Malaspina P, Novelletto A.

Genetics Department, University of Bucharest, Iasi, Romania.

Nine single nucleotide (SNP) or indel binary polymorphisms were used to determine the frequencies and phylogenetic relationships of 12 Y chromosomal haplogroups in 289 males from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Our data indicated a low but not null rate of the homoplasic appearance of the DYZ3 (-) allelic state. All other markers confirmed the previously proposed phylogeny. Based on the affinities between populations in terms of haplogroup frequencies, this work identified the geographical region of the Carpathians as a break point in the gene geography of Eastern Central Europe, providing a finer definition of one of the possible sharp genetic changes between Western and Eastern Europe.