FP MEP Andreas Mlzer made fresh calls today (Mon) for a halt in negotiations on Turkeys accession to the European Union.

Mlzer, whose party had previously called for the negotiations to be halted, said 40,000 Austrians had signed an FP petition against Turkish accession.

He said he would introduce two resolutions in the European Parliament (EP) this week calling for a stop to Turkeys accession negotiations and the beginning of negotiations on an agreement for an EU privileged partnership with Turkey.

Mlzer claimed MPs from eight EU member states, including representatives of Italian governing party Liga Nord, supported the FP֒s effort to stop Turkeys EU accession negotiations.

He added that Social Democrat (SP) MEP Hannes Swoboda, the deputy head of the EPs Social Democratic faction, and the Peoples Partys (VP) Ernst Strasser, the head of the VPs EP delegation, should "show that their anti-Turkey attitudes during the EP election campaign had been serious by supporting us."

Mlzer claimed Turkey was not ready to join Europe. "On the issues of Cyprus, Armenia, the Kurds, human rights and Islam, Turkey has not moved or has moved hardly at all. Turkey would be indigestible for Europe in terms of politics and population."