by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Part I

Europe needs a nationalist renaissance. Globalization and liberal capitalism are twin monstrosities that threaten the ethnic identities of all true nations (not Frankenstein creatures like Belgium) on the globe. European nationalists must resist the siren call of pan-anything nationalism which is nothing but another form of cement block equalization. Ethnic particularisms must be cherished and upheld as a virtue in itself. Nations are the manifold manifestations of God's thoughts in heaven. If he is angry he thinks Turkey. If he is benevolent he thinks Germany. If he feels lofty he thinks England.

God made the nations in the images that he presents to himself on different days in the mirror in his bedroom. Nationalists of all colors and races must unite to form the Nationalist Internationale. Liberal capitalists are the active agents of the new Internationale. But the new Internationale is merely the old Internationale with a new and spiffy dress. Therefore the Nationalist Internationale is the true new Internationale. It is international but anti-internationalist. Nationalist unite against the Moloch of Parasitical Finance and Managerial Mismanagement!

True socialism can only be nationalist and true nationalism can only be socialist. Only one's nation can provide the framework in which one can truly prosper. Only among one's own folk can one develop an identity which is not an aberration in the eyes of an angry God. A German likes wheat beer and quotes Schiller. An Irishman likes Guinness and quotes Joyce. It is as simple as that. An Englishman in New York can appreciate the legacy of his ancestors in the architectural marvels of Greenwich Village. One need not be a loyalist to realize the royal signature of a flat overlooking Hudson Harbor.

One works for one's nation as one's nation provides for one's needs. One puts in and one takes out. Outsiders do not put in and their ancestors have not put anything in, hence they do not have the divine right to take take anything out. They are relegated to the status of onlookers with no right to participate or decide in the fate of the nation in which they are tolerated guests. The natives of a nation are the beneficiaries of the work of all natives of a nation. If one works for the benefit of the whole, one shall reap the glory of all.

The wings of the angels spread far over the land... Archangel Michael watches over the fate of Romania. Dracula still reigns in the heart of the folk living beneath gothic arches and creaking steeples. Who has seen the sword smite the enemy of the nation? Will garlic help the enemies of the nation to ward off the righteous anger of the nation in revolt against foreign domination? The door shall forever remain closed to those willing to come in but not willing to share the pain and contribute to the riches. A nation is the cradle and the grave for those involved and only those.

Part II

Nationalism is evolution in action. Practiced nationalism in different nations is applied natural selection. When one system of government in one nation fails, another system of government in another nation may succeed. When the system of government in a world state fails, the world is doomed. Diversity is nature's safety valve to ensure the survival of the species. The species' diversification manifests itself in the existence of different nations. Monocultures yield less achievements since the more highly evolved are forced to submit to the mass of the lesser evolved. Polycultures yield achievements based on the evolutionary stages the different branches of the species find themselves in. Thus, one nation can lead the species' evolution since it can be more highly evolved than the rest of the nations combined.

Humanity evolves in sections and sectors. A nation that applies technocratic principles to advance the survival and enhancement of the people will surely climb higher on the ladder of evolution. A race and folk based nationalism, a nationalism based on the solid principle of blood, will not make the mistake of blinding its eyes to the most important fact of life itself: blood determines the course of civilization. And only pure blood can guarantee an upwardly mobile civilization. Homogeneous civilizations inspire all members of a nation, thus ensuring that the nation's cultural riches inspire and build upon each other. On the other hand, heterogeneous civilizations often sow confusion since not all members of the nation can see themselves in the works produced. Cultural artefacts thus become obsolete since they are neither admired nor exalted.

Human beings are territorial animals. Nationalism is the defense of a people's territory. It is thus the political form of eat and be eaten animalistic brute behavior. We are beasts and we must defend our lair from outsider beasts! We are not proletarians and soccer moms but meat eaters and machete wielders, claws dug deep into the flesh of our defeated foes. A nation's glory is built on the bones of those willing to defend it with their life and limbs.

Evolution is dialectic. What we write today will be negated tomorrow. And the negation will be negated and thus incorporated post-past into the canon of the nation's will and testament. We will write nationalism in the 21st century and celebrate the triumph of the nation as a people as a race in the countless generations that came and triumphed before us! The Bible of the nation is written with the blood of its martyrs and saints. A monument to the glory of the nation's unknown soldier is worth more than feeding 10,000 hungry babushkas!

The flame in the tomb of the unknown soldier licks the ceiling filled with images of stars and rifles. The flame in the heart of the nation burns as strong as the flame that warms the hearth of the family that huddles around a fire in the quiet silence of a winter evening. The snow is falling and the father is smoking a pipe while the mother is cooking and the children are sleeping. All is well, but the wolves outside are walking around the house, on all fours knowing full well that their meal spells the demise of a clan.

Part III

Nationalism is realpolitik. A people is more interested in the survival of its own upper classes than in the survival of far away proletarians. Hence, nationalism could be called socialism for the folk. It is precisely this kind of folk socialism which will in the end appeal to the largest common denominator and thus ensure that the nation will survive in its entirety. The hydra is the head, but the head does not need to be cut off. It merely needs to be sent into Dr. Frankenstein's lab to be transformed into the head of a benevolent creature. Then we can stare at the basilisk and the basilisk can stare back at us, smiling.

Nationalism does not require constant self-sacrifice. It merely requires the individual to identify with the nation. This identification actually strengthens one's individuality as one is able to distinguish more readily between friend and foe and thus validate one's own position in this world, namely in the bosom of one's nation, whether one is living far away from or in the middle of it. One's nation shapes one's identity, whether one likes this fact or not! Thus a man born in Berlin will always shudder in awe at the sight of the Arminius Monument in the Teutoburg Forest. At the same time, the same man will feel rather indifferent when standing in front of the Gandhi Monument in Bombay.

A nation shapes one's thoughts and desires. Deep down, a man born in Lyons will always feel drawn to his French compatriots in countries across the Seven Seas. In a shady bar in Pohang, a Frenchman will ignore all the Korean patrons and instead strike up a conversation with the only other Frenchman at the place. A man will always feel closer to men of his own nation and race than to men of an alien nation and race.

A nation usually is a state-controlled territory that protects the interests of its citizens. These citizens usually belong to the same race. While religious tolerance should always be the norm in a strong nation, the assurance of ethnic homogeneity should supercede all other concerns, especially trivial ones like the guarantee that all citizens should have the right to watch private TV channels. Ethnic homogeneity guarantees the free expression of religious and artistic beliefs within the body politic under strict but indirect supervision of the benevolent state. A person might therefore be allowed to practice his or her obscure faith as long as this practice does not interfere with the will of the people to survive and prosper as a people.

Chaos will reign in the big house if the small house is not kept in order in accordance with the divine right of kings and gods. The masked men need not protect when the folk can protect itself. A road will be paved with gold and this road will lead to the often maligned but now rightly exalted palace of wisdom. The nation must always punish the invader for invading its soil, but it must also punish the ones that hurt its nationals on foreign soil. Foreign soil becomes national soil when the nation has rightfully conquered it or enough of its nationals inhabit it and thus claim it for the nation. A nation is not a static organism. Like any organism, it has a need to grow and expand. Living space is the imperative that guides all nations. Space must grow when populations grow. This process is as natural as the need of the population to reproduce and evolve.