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Thread: Mayor of London: "Fast During Ramadan to Understand Muslims"

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    Mayor of London: "Fast During Ramadan to Understand Muslims"

    Speaking during a visit to the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre he said Muslims in the capital were ''challenging traditional stereotypes'' to show they wanted to be part of the mainstream.

    Mr Johnson's visit coincided with the holy period of Ramadan in which participating Muslims fast from dawn until sunset.

    ''Whether it's in theatre, comedy, sports, music or politics, Muslims are challenging the traditional stereotypes and showing that they are, and want to be, a part of the mainstream community," he said.

    ''That's why I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque. I would be very surprised if you didn't find that you share more in common than you thought.

    ''Muslims are at the heart of every aspect of society. Their contribution is something that all Londoners benefit from. Muslim police officers, doctors, scientists and teachers are an essential part of the fabric of London.

    Islam is becoming the new Christianity. One by one, the desert religions enslave Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todesengel View Post

    Islam is becoming the new Christianity. One by one, the desert religions enslave Europe.
    Christianity + Judaism + Islam = Semitic-led Internationalism.

    We need the Norse Gods to bring Odin's wisdom, Thor's Hammer and a cleansing fire to purify the White inhabited lands !

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